Sunday 27 December 2020

Christmas Sunday Variety

There is no service at the fbb's church today - SLACKERS!

fbb is cooking a mega breakfast a k a brunch - except for the fried eggs where Mrs fbb's consummate catering skills will be needed.

You would not believe what the old man can do to a fried egg!

  Seasonal Mini-Blog - A B C 

Alex, Beer, Celebration

This chubby chappie is Alex Hornby, big cheese of Transdev in "The North", and he is clutching a can of Witchcraft Beer brewed in Burnley to celebrate the launch of the new look re-branded, snazzy, desire creating new buses for route X43, The Witchway.
Obediently, fbb ordered a box of six tinnies to allow for a tasting, to be enjoyed during a viewing of episodes of Star Trek Discover on Netflix in the company of fellow Trek enthusiast, No 3 son. Assuming the alcohol does not incapacitate you festivity weary blogger, a report on the taste thereof may be appended towards the end of this item.
A substantial box contained six little cans.
Obviously a low production run as the cans have paper labels, but intriguing none the less - and a jolly good marketing tool.
Ooh look- he enjoying some Harrogate Thirsty Six!
The Burnley beer is a light refreshing lager-type blonde with hints of tropical fruits and a spicy aftertaste, or so it says on the label. It's a beer, innit!

Aaaah Beautiful Christmas
Some clever rail enthusiast (via a Twit) has an interesting take on festive illuminations. Look closely and you will see a four aspect colour-light signal "head" with all four aspects illuminated. Thankfully such a compete set of beams is not usually shown to an approaching train driver.
Maybe a bit bulky for the fbb living room and very heavy for the top of the tree..

A Beautiful Card ...
... from Wrightbus - and from Alexander Dennis ...
... and from Ensign ...
... ALL with rare snow. fbb is 75 and can remember one childhood Christmas when a few wispy flakes fell on the family home.

Appalling Bus Confusion
Presumably bus companies don't want passengers? Maybe they really are too much trouble, especially as HMG is paying all the bills. Even in Bristol, renowned for getting it right, this comes from the boss's Christmas newsletter.
Strange that a lack of useful information is seen as better than no information. If WECA (We Entirely Cannot be A+??? Bothered) are not posting any timetables, surely James Freeman and his acolytes should be getting on their bikes and posting their own timetables.

Of course, silly, silly me. It's All On Line!

Accepting Best Compromise
Meanwhile in the real world, it is beginning to looks like Manchester is reining back on the massive "gift horse" that isn't franchising.

A second consultation is now planned under the almost universal excuse that the Virus has changed everything; which it has, but probably not for ever!
Meanwhile the bus operators continue their war of verbal attrition against the whole mayoral idea. Obviously bus companies really don't want nasty Andy Burnham ...
... to be the evil bus snatcher! Older readers will remember a certain Minister of Education who withdrew the one third of a pint of healthy goodness from schoolchildren.
She was known as ...

So, here is a poster on the side of a Rotala Diamond Bus in Manchester.
Franchising a la Manchester does seem a bit pricey!

Arnhem's Beautiful Concourse
Arnhem (Netherlands) once had a distinguished and traditional station building, but ...
... the community needed and deserved something better,
It looks a bit posh on the outside; but on the inside, WOW!
And the roof structure ...
... and whatever this is; or whatever way up it should be!
It is called "Creating Desire"!!

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  1. The WECA thing is odd, as they have confirmed to me that they aren't putting times in the frames as they have been changing so often. Nevertheless, they are posting times for Stagecoach services whilst sticking to just route summaries and links for First.
    Maybe because Stagecoach haven't been changing their timetables almost every other week?

  2. Not "Slackers" - worn out!