Friday 1 January 2010

Downloadable App (revised)

1. Look up timetable from numerical list or search for a number.
2. OR use the magnifying glass symbol to search for a location
3. which (for examples) finds all service which go to Morrisons
4. If you are unsure, Morrisons is highlighted on all the tables.Note we have extra destinations in addition to time points. An all-stops list is entirely practical if desired. Intermediate and thhus estimated times are shown in italics
5. As before, stops can be selected from a drop-down menu.
5. As a further reality check Morrisons is highlighted on the service map also in yellow.
6. as before you can now select start point and end point of your journey which are now highlighted on the timetable.
7. Enter a time (as before)
8. and the next available journey will be shaded. Note if the timepoints only display is selected, the system will insert intermediat times at the correct point on the display.
9. As a second reality check, the end points (coloured green and red) are shown on the route map.
addiitonal faciloties are available, but this id the basic.