Wednesday 1 July 2009

Seaton - One Month On

If you wonder why this stuff is dated in 2009 - it is part of a "cunning plan" to use Peter's blog as a means of creating the report. But rather than bore the 700 odd (and most of them are ... ) readers, we send it back in time so mostly only those who receive the link from us will find it. 
On Monday 1st July we have lived in Seaton for exactly one month, having moved in at noon on Friday 31st May. Our move was much more sudden that we ever expected, taking just over seven weeks from putting 83 Orchard Road on the market.
We had prayed hard that, if the move was in God's will, it would happen and if we were barking up the wrong spiritual tree then door would be closed. The answer was seven weeks! Praise the Lord.

The easiest way to find 1 Harbour Mews is to approach from Axminster, then via Musbury and Axmouth. The road runs first alongside then across the river Axe.
Your are then on Harbour Road ...
... just outside the site of the former Seaton Railway Station (far right) ...
... closed in 1966. Indeed had the Whites lived in Seaton then, their address would have been Station Road - subsquently renamed. And, talking of nostalgia, this picture was unearthed as part of the IoW packing up.
This is Peter with sister and granny on the beach at a family holiday at Seaton 60 years ago. Spooky!

Anyway, the Harbour Mews block is almost immediately on the right after the Axe Bridge ...
... with private car parking (with space for visitors) through the archway. The end of the little terrace with the lower roof line is No 1.
We have three floors and here is a quick tour. Living and Dining is at the back ...
... with a kitchen at the front. The view from the kitchen window is uninspiring, but the sea is just beyond the orangey roof in the distance.
On the first floor we have two bedrooms, small but perfectly formed, separated by a bathroom.
And we have not added a photograph of the very useful downstairs WC! Remember Prince Philip's dictum:- "Never pass a bathroom!"

Then there is the attic, a proper room with a proper staircase where our grandchildren can occupy two single beds ...
... stacked to make way for computers.
Cridling ...
... and Stubbs ...
... have settled well, mostly making use of their current en suite "facilities" and wary, as yet, of fellow feline Chloe next door!

Five minutes from our front door we have Tesco ...
... and a wide range of more traditional shops is a few minutes further on.
Sheila is very happy pottering round the town where you can buy almost everything except lampshades! But a great delight is the Esplanade, barely 3 minutes from our front door, and pictured here early one morning.
It is along here that you would see Peter sometime before 7am on his "morning constitutional" Sea Front circular (about a mile) - completed, so far, every day. Sheila adds occasional strolls along here to her expeditions into town.

This next picture is a composite of the view westwards on a bright sunny morning. You can enlarge the shot by clicking on the picture itself.

We have visited two churches (so far). Seaton Baptist meets in the Junior School.
The people were very friendly but the service was a little on the woolly side - everything was lovely and wonderful! The last two weeks we have been back to Emmanuel Baptist along the road at Sidmouth, a place where we went back in January.
The service is more traditional evangelical BUT the congregation is mainly elderly. One of the leaders recognised Sheila from her days in London before getting married and Peter from working with him at Westbrook holidays years ago. It is a small world. Peter went to their Monday Mens' meeting which turned out to be indoor bowls every week. Peter was the youngest there and was useless at the game! So may not become a regular!

We have already had visitors.

Alan, an old school friend of Peter's from Northampton popped in for a cup if tea. He was on a rail excursion to the Tramway ...
... a tourist line that runs up the old railway track to Colyton.

Joan Anderson, friend of Sheila's from the Island, has stayed a couple of nights. Peter and Christine Shelley (Peter, a former colleague from Southern Vectis days) have called in. It is the Shelley flat in Sidmouth where Peter and Sheila have had  holidays in the past. Kath (long time friend of Sheila) and hubby Bob called in for a visit as they were on holiday nearby.

David, Carrie and the grandchildren came and worked really hard helping us with practical things on our second weekend and youngest son Robert has been twice. They have all been such a help! And it confirmed that the house can accommodate 7 in reasonable comfort, although Rob was "camping" on th living room floor.

Two questions we are often asked. "Are you all unpacked?" Answer, NO!
Then, "Are you happy?" Answer, an emphatic YES!

We have no doubt that God has opened the way miraculously to our new house and this town. We have not yet discovered what he wants us to do, specifically, in His service, but we are sure there will be a role for us, somewhere and somehow. Retirement is not an option in The Christian Life!

Until we are "called", we are enjoying the break from Church duties, enjoying the seaside and slowly sorting things out.

Whilst we have view north eastwards of a large warehouse out of the back bedroom window ...
... a glance the other way looks out on the rolling hillsides to the north west of the town.
Upon the brow of the hill is Seaton Tower ...
... a former water tower, now a private residence with a view and a half!

And there are many, many beautiful coastal haunts a short drive away. This is Seaton Hole with cafe tables just visible bottom right, a regular haunt!

We continue to praise God for his gracious goodness to us over the last three months. We look forward to greeting many more "passing" visitors and there are plenty of good quality B&Bs in Seaton for those who fancy a short holiday!

In case we have forgotten to tell you,

1 Harbour Mews
Harbour Road
EX12  2XJ

01297 23173
(and yes, the number does only have five digits!)

Love to hear from you!

Peter and Sheila