Sunday 29 December 2019

It Pays To Advertise

Advertising has become far more sophisticated that it was back in fbb's youth. Most will be well aware of the exhortation to "Shop at Binns" on bus fronts in the North East.
And on the backs!
It therefore follows that bus preservationists will need to ensure that correct and appropriate adverts are re-created for the heritage vehicles. Northampton correspondent has sent some excellent pictures of the Corporation's "preserved" fleet - all emblazoned with appropriate ads.
A blog or so back, fbb remembered his father going to Scout camp at Pevesey Bay loaded with all the kit in the back of Hamps's pantechnicon.

One preservationist has been brave enough, in the interests of accurate history, to have a cigarette advert painted on the bus.
fbb's dad enters the narrative again as a ciggy smoker par excellence! His smokes of choice were Players Navy Cut ...
... which originated in packs of baccy and then moved on the ciggies "in packets of 12 and tins of 24, 50 and 100".

The packet with the "old salt" was iconic.
Dad moved on to "No 6" and the world has quite rightly moved against death-inducing cigarettes but, back then, the adverts were common.

Local firms (like Hamp's) would advertise locally as truly national brands were far less common than they are now. Thus we have Adams Bread ...
... which was a common sight in fbb's birth town.
Sadly Adams, in its modernised form, has recently disappeared from the streets of Northampton, despite still having an on-line presence.
Alan writes:-

Daimlers 154 and 246 advertise Adams Bread. (without an apostrophe) Alas the buses have lasted longer than the bakery which failed, due to competition from Greggs and the supermarkets.
The Mercer’s Row shop survives under new management next but one to a Greggs ...
... but the one round the corner in Wood Hill is now the premises of an estate agent. 
Sadly, even the big bakery on Gladstone Road is to be demolished.
It is good, therefore, that bus preservationists are preserving much more than "the bus", they are preserving a whole lifestyle - and may their efforts continue to bring pleasure to enthusiasts and interested bystanders alike.

But one advert has caused fbb some bafflement.
The adverts makes the product sound a bit like Marmite, an "extract" to add to make "tastier dishes".The only item with the "So-Taist-Ee" brand that fbb could find on-line was this :-
Not an "extract" but a tin of "meat roll".
Sounds very much like an older version of Spam.

So here is a problem for our widely-read and more ancient blog readers. Was there a range of "So-Taist-Ee" products? Can anyone shed any further light on the brand as emblazoned on a preserved Northampton Corporation Transport bus.

Very "tasty"!

Tomorrow we go to Chesterfield.

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  1. The extract was a Tyne Brand product