Friday 27 December 2019

fbb's Sumptuous Christmas Quiz

Part Three
Bur first, the answers to part two:-
  1 :  Civility - a horse drawn "bus" from IoW Bus Museum
  2 :  Ancient rulers of Durham - a GoNortheast "brand"
  3 :  The unsuccessful Bennie rail-plane - demonstrated at Milngavie
  4 :  Bristol Park and Ride guided busway
  5 :  Gerard Francis Gisborne Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes
  6 :  The new Caledonian Sleeper stock
  7 :  "Dublo Dinky" - a range for Hornby Dublo trains
  8 :  Birch Brothers
  9 :  Scarborough sea front service
10 :  Underground Ernie (TV Character)

And for Friday 27th:-
Where does this Fast Link (not very fast) operate?

Who made this wagon in the 1950s?

Where did these colourful seats come from?

Which town offered you a "generous" (NOT) one-stop journey from station to town centre?

What did this oddly shaped light brown lump fall from?

Where was this former non-central Central station, now a cafe?

What, according to this Tweet, matched the writer's shoes?

Which church gets a regular but infrequent bus service?

What is unusual about the construction of this bus?

Where did this "Glasgow" locomotive operate?"

Answers tomorrow.

The fbb's car journey from Abergynolyn yo Seaton was very straightforward involving about 5 hours driving plus a 10 minute stop (Builth Wells - PNB!) and a 40 minute stop for lunch at New Inn near Pontypool.
It was Boxing Day and most sources of refreshment were very closed - so fast food outlets were about all that was available.
McDonalds was doing a steady but unimpressive trade inside the building but had queues right round the building from those seeking to "Drive Thru".

A brigade of at least 8 was hard at work satisfying the Boxing Day need to take take-away deliverd from a .ittle window to the car driver..

fbb was duly impressed with the company's provision for frightened boys ...
... terrified girls ...
... and comfy relaxing chairs for their stressed adult companions.
Upon closer investigation it appeared that the door led to the toilets!
Which reminded fbb of a less than helpful definition of  "facilities" at Yarmouth IoW ferry terminal. A dark blue logo,on a dark blue door was less than helpful for those of diminished visual acuity!
Which all begs a worrying question. In today's slightly loony world that, apparently, despises gender stereotypes, should we rally tolerate "ladies" indicated by a skirt and "gents" by a presumed trousered leg.

Surely hermaphrodite "facilities" should be demanded.

In case anyone comments in enthusiastic agreement, fbb did write above sentence as a joke.

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  1. Sorry to be pernicketty, fbb, but I thought the coach in no. 7 had been operated by Birch Bothers of Rushden, not Dublo Dinky!

    Have a Happy New Year.