Tuesday, 27 March 2012

What to Do? Walk Through? H2? [part 2]

seen yesterday in a toilet
at St John's Church, Grove, Oxon.
So, where ... erm ... do you ... erm ... actually ... go?
Back to the H2.

Eyeing the Iconic I-bus!
Blog reader Paul Bunting has arrived at Golders Green Station (in London, England) by Underground, together with other members of a choir. They have been advised, correctly, that the H2 bus will drop them very near to their Church. Pauls observes one group zooming off in their low floor Arriva midi-bus whilst he waits expectantly for the next, a mere 15 minute later.

The big question is, "Where do we get off?"

You can find, on-lne, a downloadable copy of the Transport for London (TfL) North West map.  It's not particularly easy to find and most might well give up. If you persevere it does show where the bus actullay goes.
... but not the Church. Or there is the "interactive" route map, also on-line ...
... which only shows five stops. Helpfully (?) the red line route technology obscures the road names whilst enlarging the map to read the names has the effect of "losing" the overview. But no churches.

fbb's Greater London street atlas shows two crosses on the "green bit" centre left within the "circle". Of course, the high tech interactive map doesn't tell you which way round the loop the bus goes.

What does the Golders Green station bus stop offer? A timetable ...
... no chance; they are a state secret and simply never revealed. But it does list the all stops with one minor and eventually obvious snag ...
... namely, there aren't any stops (!) because most of the loop is "Hail and Ride" ...
Hail & Ride on Northway

... with the possible exception of "Stop W" at Market Place on Falloden Way (see map above).
this might be "Stop W"

Which bring us to "i-bus":-
Next-stop visual displays and audio announcements keep you informed every stop of the way. It makes travel easier for everyone, especially for:
Visually or hearing-impaired passengers 
Infrequent travellers
Passengers facing language barriers
People travelling in an unfamiliar area
iBus keeps you informed every step of the way
i-bus for Sciuridae?

Tomorrow's blog will complete this mini-series by explaining how Paul and his chorister colleagues managed to find their performance venue.

You'll never guess how they did it! 

 Next Blog : due Wednesday March 28th  

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