Friday, 23 March 2012

Publicity Hazard : Pont Hafren [5 plus]

Curiouser and curiouser!

Does it or doesn't it?

See "Publicity Hazard : Pont Hafren [5]" (read again). This mini-blog won't make much sense without the main course.

a today's intended blog (link above)

A comment from Anonymous in response to Publicity Hazard : Pont Hafren [5] points fbb to First's extensive list of Bristol area changes from April 1st. (The date makes you wonder!). The X10/X11/X14 have "timing changes". But what route do we see for Monday to Friday?
Bristol - Chepstow via Cribbs Causeway, Bulwark. Nothing particularly stunning at all, apart from the fact that we don't want to tell you that nasty horrid St*g*c**ch also run buses on the service, do we?

And,of course, we don't want to admit that the buses continue as service 14 to Newport, do we? That would be telling!

Well, do they or don't they?

But look at the heading for the Saturday table (third block down). That's right; you haven't gone totally potty ...
... the Firstbus X14s are reverting to stopping at Clifton and Westbury, but on Saturdays ONLY.

Well, do they or don't they? 

Answers, please, on a postcard to

Giles Fearnley
First Bus Paintshop

Here endeth the extra blog.

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  1. The timetables from 1/4/12 for the X10/X11/X14 on South Gloucestershire Council's website show all First journeys operating non-stop to Cribbs Causeway.

    If it helps.

    Or does this just continue the confusing timetabling variations already seen?