Saturday 22 July 2017

Something For The Weekend Again

fbb Was Wrong - Again!
After all the keruffle of Damory's Dorset Debacle and the will they, won't they with First Bus replacement service 12, the whole thing fizzled out today hen the Barbie Boys removed any reference to the new service from the web site.
The buses in blue ...
... will perform (including Saturdays) until 2nd September.
First starts on Monday 4th September with no Saturday service. Use it, enjoy it while you can!

The Man From Porlock - Donates!
A month ago, fbb was in Minehead and took a ride on the service 10 for Porlock and Porlock Weir (read again). The ride was pleasant and the bus quite well loaded; the local gang had posted some excellent publicity, far better than Buses of Somerset (BoS) as it was a complete timetable.
The last sentence in the above bit of the bus stop displays referred to negotiations for a Saturday service. Local people and visiting tourists have put their hands in their pocket an raised enough dosh for the Saturday service to start.
Porlock Weir is worth a visit for walkers and pub goers ho ill be able to walk and go on Saturdays from next week.
Thanks to David for sending this snippet. Her writes:-

Look at the Buses of Somerset facebook page and notice that neither BoS nor First get any credit for getting this up and running. Minehead Rocks!!!!
And fbb though it was sandy?

Olly Gets Wet
The first Kernow Olympian did venture out in the rain at Seaton yesterday but not for long. A dripping Derek explains.

Alan Goes Topless
Readers may remember fbb's interest in a nearly open top railway coach running (in model form) on a layout at the Exeter Model Railway Group Exhibition (read again). fbb thought the little narrow gauge model was a bit pricey.
Northamptonian Alan, correspondent and narrow gauge railway modeller reports that he owns a similar vehicle.
Cheaper but less open top. But this one (for real) is utterly open top - no top at all.
Im Linienzugbetrieb verbindet "Rasende Roland" die Badeorte Rügens (Göhren, Baabe, Sellin, Binz) und fährt weiter bis nach Putbus und zum Anlege Lauterbach. Alles unter Dampf, die Loks sehen aus, als ob sie eben aus dem Werk kämen! Schöne alte Wagen und im Sommer ein offener Wagen.

Bright Bus Turns Utterly Dark
Brightbus is part of MASS, a bus company with a chequered history. The owner decided to close down at the end of this summer term. The bus operation was exclusively in schools work, some commercial, some with financial arrangements with the schools.

Sheffielder Roy went to take a look as the buses returned to depot for the very last time. A line-up makes a spectacular sight.
Even better from the front.
Would you like one? Just click on EBay and ...
... where you can buy your very own Dennis Condor. Bids are asked from £4000.

There is also a web site - Chinese no less - that enthuses about ex China Motor Bus vehicles. (Guess work; fbb is not well versed in the Chinese lingo!)
We might therefore guess the origin of G717 FVX.
there are oodles of Bright buses on the CMP Memorial web pages.
Link (here). Services have been taken over by a selection of companies in South Yorkshire including First Bus - of which much more in due course.

Bye Bye Beautiful Brightbus! Things will be a lot less green in South Yorkshire from now on.

Tomorrow, amongst other things, we unload a Garratt.

 Next Pot Pourri : Sunday 23rd July 


  1. Needless to say there are no details regarding the introduction of a Saturday service to Porlock Weir on the Buses of Somerset website!

    1. Traveline shows the Saturday service starting next week 29 July. Times as M-F.

  2. Sorry anons above. I forgot to add the timetable (omission now corrected) which I obtained from BoS Facebook page.

  3. Dorset County Council has now put its hands up as responsible for the 12/X12/187 situation: "a technical inconsistency was highlighted in the way the council had assessed the tenders for this contract".

  4. Does First start on 4 Sept definitely? Originally it just amended its registration from July to September but then subsequently cancelled it altogether! Has Dorset announced who has won round two yet?