Sunday 14 May 2017

Superb Sidmouth (2)

But First ...

fbb's supplier-of-choice for model railway stuff is Hattons, formerly of Liverpool ...
... but now happily ensconced in a posh warehouse in Widnes.
From time to time, fbb orders a few "bits" from their second hand (sorry - pre-owned!) department. Usually things that are dirt cheap. An order was dispatched on-line from fbb mansions at about 1400 on Friday 12th; picked and packed in the warehouse (as per an email message at 1530) and sent off via Royal Mail. Standrard post and packing charge - £4.

It arrived at 0745 yesterday as fbb and Mrs fbb concluded their daily bible reading and prayer time whilst still a-bed; just under 18 hours after pressing the send button.

Hattons even told fbb that the order was picked and packed by Agnieszka Kwiatkowska ...
Thanks Aggie!

High speed delivery courtesy of ...
Impressive all round. Next day post is normally £7.
Back to Super Sidmouth
What is left of the old station? And how has Mr Richard Harper ...
... recreated the line in its 1950s/1960s mainfestation?

On the track side of the main buildings, there is very little left, just a short stretch of platform canopy incorporated into an outbuilding.
The station had an unusually long roof to protect its waiting and arriving passengers (seen here after closure) ...
... and faithfully reproduced in the model.
Sidmouth even had its own little engine shed, where, until the 1930s, the branch engine stayed overnight.
It then became a store for "stuff" in which guise it is accurately modelled ...
... seen here from the outer end. Sadly, the building no longer exists, having given way to a larger industrial shed.
The goods shed and its attached office ...
... is accurately modelled.
In this case, the building still stands and Mr Harper tells of several site visits to measure the original. The yard is now the premises of Bradfords, builders merchants in these parts. fbb crept in, avoiding buying any bags of cement, and snapped the esteemed edifice.
Of course, there was a signalbox to control the station ...
... with reality reproduced at 4mm to the foot.
Note the later addition of a concrete privy and the realistic lattice girder signals. As the model builder suggests in his article (Railway Modeller, 800th edition), the signalman should be down at ground level collecting the single line token from the driver. 

Animatronic signalmen would be a real challenge for a fine scale modeller!

fbb will complete his look at Sidmouth station, model, reality then, and reality now, tomorrow.

Meanwhile the old man can only weep at his pathetic modelling attempts in comparison with those of Richard Harper.

Perhaps your author should consider embroidery?
Embroidering trains?

Perhaps not!

 Next superb Sidmouth blog : Monday 15th May 

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