Sunday 7 May 2017

Bank Holiday Quiz Unravelled

Answers are given in blocks of four (to save space). The appropriate pictures are alphabetically clockwise from top left for each block.

 A B C D 
Ae (usually written with the added "village"; in Dunfries and Galloway
Barrow-in Furness
Clyde Coast predecessors of Stagecoach 585
Dengie Bus in Essex

 E F G H 
Ecclesall, Sheffield : Eccleshall, Staffordshire
Falcon : Plymouth Exeter Bristol express service
Great Yarmouth : later absorbed by First
Hebble : based in Huddersfield. Taken over by West Yorkshire

 I  J  K  L 
Imber : regular, once a year, infrequent, once a year, The blue arrow marks where Imber isn't.
Under MOD control 364 days a year!
Jemima : Jemimville on the Black Isle north of Inverness
Knollys : Great Knollys Street, Reading Buses depot

 M N O P 
Milton Keynes
Oldham : the temporary station awaiting completion of the line through the twn centre.
Preston : The Marmite bus station. Loathe it or love it to bits.

 Q R S T 
Quantock : a heritage bus service will run again this summer.
Ravenglass : L'al Ratty; Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway
Salisbury : Wilts and Dorset cunningly disguised.
Tower Transit : First London sell off by Fearnley to balance (?) the books!

 U V U V 
A particular manifestation of elderly incompetence led fbb to rack his brains and unintenionally create TWO Us and TWO Vs.
Urie : Robert Urie's S15 loco
Volk as in Volk's Electric Railway, Brighton

 W aX Y Z 
Welshpool : Welshpool and Llanfair Railway, goods interchange at the "main line" station.
aXe Valley Mini Travel, then with a Branscombe phone number.
Yellow Bus
Zeals In Wiltshire

And finally but irrelevantly; the annual display of bluebells at Blackbury Camp (Ancient British earthwork) ...
... not far from fbb mansions. A great delight but unserved by bus! Click on the pic to enlarge.
Deep joy!

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  1. Nearly there with Hebble, fbb, they lived at Walnut Street, Halifax, although they did have a route to Huddersfield from Bradford, jointly operated with the respective municipalities.

  2. If I recall correctly, most of the Hebble operations were taken over by Calderdale, which ultimately became part of the West Yorkshire PTE. However, I believe some of the operations passed to Yorkshire Woollen District.


    1. Actually, and I'm being pedantic here, the main Hebble routes - Leeds/Bradford/Halifax/Burnley/Rochdale, we're taken over by Halifax Joint Committed in 1971, under the auspices of the late Geoffrey Hilditch. This was 3 years before the creation of the West Yorkshire pte in 1974.

  3. Whoops. I meant Halifax, Daddysgadgets! And I was not sure when and how Hebble disappeared. Thanks all for the corrections.