Thursday 25 August 2022

Not 12 Minutes Past 8? (3)

But First : A Mega Bludner!

Sometimes, fbb;s stupidity even amazes him! Did your elderly blogger really write that Angel Underground Station was on the Piccadilly Line? Sadly, he did and has been wracked with repentant anguish ever since. Angel Station is on the Northern Line City Branch. Of course it is, and it has the longest escalator on the Underground network.
Apparently it takes 80 seconds to ride from top to bottom or, presumably, from bottom to top. 

Exciting eh?

Whilst Essex Road (Northern City big train line) and Old Street (ditto plus Northern) are in the area, Angel is the only major public transport mode that is reasonably usable by passengers from the soon-to-be-deaded 812. It is to the 812 that we return.

Existential Mystery of Exmouth Market
It's a street rather than an obvious market, taking its name from the Exmouth Arms.
And just slaver at those tiles. Where's Siddy Holloway when you need her? But Exmouth Market is why fbb had to draw a map of the 812. As of yesterday at 1900 it was driving him even more potty than usual.

Yesterday we travelled virtually on the 812 from Tolpuddle Street via two odd little nobbly diversions from the major thoroughfare. And the next time point after hinterland excursion No 2 ...
... is given as Skinner Street Exmouth Market/

But, dear confused reader, it isn't. Herewith just a tantalising chunk of fbb's map|:-
And the timetable says Exmouth Market comes after the Northampton Road wiggle ...

... but it actually precedes the loopy bit!

It is, for fbb's sanity, in the correct location on the return journey.

Meandering to Moorfields
The rest of this "end" of the 812 route is a one way anti-clockwise route (widdershins is such a better word!) via Dufferin Street ...
... where warehouses and terraced property have been rejigged to become trendy warehouse conversions and new blocks designed to look like warehouse conversions.

After the above, the 812 runs/ran via Bath Street close to Moorfields Eye Hospital.
The frontage with its iconic gold lettering looks out onto City Road, whereas our 812 is, as ever, "round the back" on Bath Street where you find Moorfields "Private".
But not for long!

Moorfields Eye Hospital was founded at Charterhouse Square in 1805 as the London Dispensary for curing diseases of the Eye and Ear, by John Cunningham Saunders, assisted by John Richard Farre. It moved to a site on the former Moorfields in 1822, before moving to its present site in 1899, and became part of the National Health Service in 1948. These anniversaries gave it the unique ability to celebrate a centenary in 1999 and a bicentenary in 2005.

In February 2007, the new Richard Desmond Children's Eye Centre (RDCEC), was opened by the Queen. Its location is adjacent to the hospital's main City Road building.[

In December 2021, it was announced that the hospital will relocate to a new facility near King's Cross railway station and the Moorfields building had been sold to private developers.
After a very minor wiggle the minibus sets off back, as outward route reversed, and stopping opposite Sainsburys on Tolpuddle Street - which is where we will join it for the "other half" of the route is in tomorrow's "last day of the 812" blog.

Also tomorrow, fbb will ponder the value of services like the 812, which have their origins in political (small "p") thinking rather than, possibly, a sensible expenditure.

Mr Tubbles News
After a traumatic visit to the Vets (routine health check and annual jab) the fbb's cat struggles to recover from the traumatic experience.

Yet More Tank Wagons (1)
Just announced by Dapol.
And ONLY £30!
The sprung wheels are the latest novelty - certainly on a ready to run model. The Peco "Wonderful" tank wagon, now reissued under the Parkside brand ...
... has spring wheels but the vehicle is a self-assembly kit.

The new Dapol wagon is not due until November; which gives fbb time to save his pennies.

 Next 812 blog (plus extras) : Friday 26th August 

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