Tuesday 30 August 2022

Bank Holiday Quiz Part 2

But First - Wonderful Woking

Many thanks to correspondent Peter for digging up dates for Heritage Open Days at the superb Woking Electrics Control Room.

And Depressing Dronfield

There, in all its glory, is the bus stop on Wreakes Lane, Dronfield, just on the Sheffield side of the Civic Centre and ideal for an enjoyable bit of retail anguish at Sainsbury's. As you can see, the stop is provided with a luxury shelter and a fine bus stop flag.
The flag is particularly helpful, NOT.
Helpfully it shows operator Mainline, the brand of the South Yorkshire PTE management buy-out. It was sold to First Bus in 1995; so the label is roughly 27 years wrong. So no tush for whoever should be keeping things up to date.

Service 89 has not run for many years, but neither fbb nor correspondent Andrew can remember how many!

But, joyfully, there is an electronic display board inside the shelter.
Andrew took the photos on Sunday last, commenting on the filthy nature of the shelter generally. He was also amused by the electronics.
Service 15?
Ah, yes; that doesn't run on Sundays hence the display on Sunday!

It is a disgraceful advert for public transport - AND TOTALLY INEXCUSABLE!

Quiz Part 2 (Don't Get Too Excited!)

Formerly the Home of Snot, a rare city that has excellent bus information at its railway station.

Nickname of a bus that hit (literally, solid tyres!) the streets of London 112 years ago.

City of 11 tram routes and counting. - two more nearing completion.

Much changed station in its recently-completed modernisation.

Second part of this new station's binomial.

Famous weather incident filmed near this sign.

Strange brand name for a bus (but you need to delete the definite article!)

Home to two retired LNER coaches.

Where bread is to be replaced by barriers.

Not A, nor D B, it's is C that runs the train!

Hampshire operator that bought a much respected Isle of Wight coach company.

To Throop no longer!

A fast "City" brand between Leeds and York.

Model Railway Snippet
The rockface and it's attached grass has been lifted off the table. Now two cracks to be repaired!!
After our weekend Fellowship meetings, 4th & 5th September, the next task is rubbing down and repainting the table.

 Next coffee pot blog : Wednesday 31st August 

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