Monday 29 August 2022

Bank Holiday Quiz - Part 1

But First, The Mystery From History

If you were to stray down an unassuming and un-named little lane off York Road in Woking, you would meet this amazing edifice.
Looking like a cross between a church from an obscure extremist denomination and a secret WW2 military bunker, this is where all the electrics for the south wester railway lines from Waterloo were controlled. Built in the 1930s its technology is preserved unaltered by modernity.
Here are switches that go clunk, and indicator lamps with real light bulbs hidden within ...
... and a clock that would have sat quite happily on the mantelshelf in Aunt Aggie's hallowed and rarely entered "front room".
The control room is open to the public on annual Heritage days.

And Now The (Easy?) Quiz

Start-up company based in Banbury, short of funds, that might be looking at a "Departure" soon.

An old control room near London's newest Underground terminus.

This London transport mode has just lost its Airline. Now it is simply "London's"

So nicknamed because it used to be dark, damp and a bit smelly. It is none of these today.

A bus station, typically too small and further than the old one from the shops, therefore correctly following modern architectural regulations.

The type of bus fare available here straight away; and proposed nationally.

Where does the full sized version operate?

This part-Pacer won't be leaving here in a long time!

Devon seaside terminus (long closed) that is a long way up-hill and in-land from the sea.

Terminus of stage 1 of the Indonesian high speed line.

A cement-making village in Rutland

One of Rotheram's new buses - but where?

Somewhere Greater ran the real version of this train - another Pacer.

The second half of the quiz will follow tomorrow. Answers later in the week.

All the answers have featured in recent months in fbb's blog.

NOT Part Of The Quiz
Not quite clear from the picture, but it predates an iconic building completed in 1925 that is recognised widely and was built on cigarettes! Where is it?

Confusing Clutter
fbb hopes that the Bearded Bus Beautifier from the Bush didn't do this one - it's a right mess.

A Heartfelt Apology (?)
Always anxious to encourage the best use of English, choosing the correct word wherever possible, fbb sent a twit complaining that "enormity" indeed meant "big" BUT only in the context of evil, disgusting, foulness. The writer of the above twittering did not mean that - he simply meant "very big". "Hugeness" would do!

Back came another twitter from a much respected blogger (?) in which he/she objected strongly to fbb's proffered educational assistance (fbb did not even ask for corrections!) as follows:-

"It is pedantry like that that puts people off rail travel."

So fbb can only apologise to Notwork Rail, the Rail Delivery Group, The Rail Unions, The boss (Peter Hendy) ...
... of Great British Railways (to start in 2122?) AND Sid Boggs, station announcer at Berney Arms, for the untold damage the old bloke has done to the finances of the UK rail industry by the enormity of his thoughtless remark.

Maybe he should of scent a repentant schilling (5p in them new-fangled decimated coigns) to Mr Hendy?

 Bank Holiday Quiz Part 2 : Tuesday 31st August 


  1. Andrew Kleissner29 August 2022 at 07:59

    I'm intrigued by that clock sticking up from the P&R bus. Presumably there are no low bridges on its route.

  2. A schilling? An Austrian coin, surely!

  3. I'm wondering about the "decimated" coins!?

  4. top of park street. The Wills building