Sunday 9 October 2016

A Sunday Quiz

Some Photos from fbb's Archive Big Box
Please do not give answers via the comment system. That might spoil things for those who really want to dredge the answers from the coal measures of their brain. fbb will reveal all next weekend! Some pictures have been doctored to remove really obvious clues.

1. Minibus Lepidopterus
Where was this bus operating when fbb snapped it?

2. Concatenation Manifestation
Which company used the "Sandliner" brand for a few years?

3. Brm brm, buzz buzz
Which non-NBC operator joined the minibus revolution?

4. High Speed Où?
The train is easy, but can you identify the station?

5. Going Up for the Jet!
But where? And yes, that is a youthful Mrs fbb.

6. Cornwall Co-ordinated Connection
But where?

7.  Giant Generator, but ...
... which currently open railway terminus is close by.

8. Moves Mildly ...
... compared with some trips here!

9. Demolished Deco
Which bus station?

10. Same location but ...
... who owned the bus first?

11. Bit of a Bridge ...
... but name the community spanned by these girders.

12.  If You Have The Right Angle ...
... which train service terminates here?

13. In a Bit of a Hole?
Which operator ran a joint service with Blue Bus?

14. This is a steep one!
Which village is near (but below) this industrial railway site?

Remember, no comments allowed. Answers next weekend.

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  1. Re no. 13, not really a joint service. More like a grudging coexistence.

    1. ....and not even a co-existence by the time of the photo above.