Sunday 6 October 2013

Blue Flashes in Plymouth

USA Long Distance Trucking

USA Mobile Phones

Capetown Diving

UK Security Systems
and fbb's favourite, also from the USA:-
Shouldn't that be "Blue Flush"?
And here is an fbb exclusive! The first video of passengers enjoying a ride on the Blue Flash. Beat that, Plymothian Transit blog!
fbb should have mentioned that it is a mini roller coaster that some US chap has built in his (rather extensive) back yard.
Or, of course, it could be Plymouth's new bus service ...
... shown here being launched by the Mayor of Tavistock and his Mrs (left), Lord Mayor of Plymouth in the posh hat and GM of Plymouth City Bus (hitherto with buses of red, a few flashing). Do these people ever eat the cake? The buses are akin to the recently announced Red Flash vehicles but, well, erm, blue.
The 30 minute frequency service starts tomorrow (5th September). The timetable is simple and thus easy to remember ...
click on timetable to enlarge

But First Bus have responded with changes to their services to Tavistock. A previously complex mixture of routes 83, 84 and 86 (the latter running Monday to Friday peaks only) ... 
... will be swept away from 27th October. Service 84 via Woolwell and Derriford Hospital is withdrawn and the remaining 83 service becomes a simple "every 20 minutes" frequency.
Only the "odd" 86 and some school wiggles remain on Mondays to Fridays. So what about getting from Tavistock to Derriford Hospital? And what about Woolwell village (aka "School Drive")?

Service 15 (City Centre - Derriford - Roborough OR Woolwell):
old service 15

The route of this service is changing from the end of October to provide connections for Derriford Hospital with Tavistock services at Roborough.

As a result of this change, Service 15 buses will no longer call at Estover or Mainstone from the 27 October.
new service 15

From 22nd September, First has also introduced cheaper fares for Tavistock and Torpoint, both places where City Bus is introducing competing services.
As well as reducing the prices of our Plymouth Zone and Plus zone tickets we've also extended the Plus zone to include Horrabridge and Tavistock. This offers bus users in Tavistock a significant saving on their travel. Previously they'd have to buy a FirstDay Tavistock ticket at £6.35, now it's £4.50; a FirstWeek Tavistock ticket at £26.50, now it's £20; or a FirstMonth Devon ticket at £99, now it's £60.

But City Bus offers are lower still; day £4.20, week £18 and month £59. Perhaps, soon, the companies will be paying the passengers!

Cheap as chips?

But, surely, this cannot be sustained?

It's not long ago that City Bus and First went head-to-head at Ivybridge. First Bus capitulated rather too quickly, some bus watchers opined. Now the attack moves to Tavistock and, later, Torpoint; both hitherto First Bus exclusives. Fearnley's team is re-grouping and attempting to incise financial wounds into City Bus on some of its more lucrative urban routes. The Plymothian Transit blog will doubtless report in some detail whilst fbb will try to keep an eye on the progress of the political posturing!

It all makes EastEnders seem very tame.
P.S. First have also introduced a special fare in Plymouth to "catch" we old crusties and prise some dosh out of us. This is a growing idea nationally and seems a good way to earn a marginal crust!

 Next Bus Blog : Monday 7th October 


  1. The cakes do get eaten after the ceremonial pictures have been taken. And sometimes, if colleagues are kind enough, the remnants get brought back to the office for the rest of us to enjoy!

  2. Both Citybus Blue flashes to Tavistick have broken down in the first 2 days resulting in Services being cancelled or running very late.. Even witnessed today Citybus staff telling people at bus stop in Citycentre that Firsts 86 will be along soon. Not a great start to their new routes..First must love it!! Plus Citybus are cutting several city routes back and First are filling in the gaps here with better services, i'e Honicknowle, West Park, Efford, Pennycross and Peverell. Not a great start here for Citybus but they are not the most reliable...personally I wish First all the best of luck in their battle and hope they come out on top!

    1. How can you like first? :O oh well stagecoach have bought first's Plymouth depot so it's fine.

  3. Good job stagecoach are taking first over eh? >:D I hate first. A lot.