Thursday 3 November 2011

Searching for Sinfin [1]

Re : yesterday's blog (read again) about Portinscale
Thank you "Anonymous" who has discovered that service
86 from Keswick is listed under service 77 in Kendal
on the Stagecoach site and NOT under 86!
So that's all right, then.
The 86 runs additional Winter trips when the 77 doesn't.
Why not call it 77?
Back to Sinfin ...

The Village Vanishes
There wasn't much to Sinfin in 1887! A few cottages clustered round a road junction with the "Big House" half a mile away. By the 1930s nothing much had changed ...
Expansion of Industry, particularly Rolls Royce aero division, brought a rapid expansion of the southern districts of Derby. Trolleybus route 88, later replaced by a motor bus route,
ran to the County Hotel on Sinfin Lane.
The latter part of the 20th century brought further rapid expansion of the "new" Sinfin and a merger with development at Stenson Fields. The old hamlet of Sinfin is all but obliterated by modern construction with just an odd cottage or two remaining as here on Sinfin Moor Lane.
Sinfin Hall stood where the modern Church now stands.
The present-day bus service, successor to the fotrmer route 88, is Arriva service 38 ....
... which runs every 10 minutes Monday to Saturday daytime (seen above on Grampian Way) ...
... following the traditional Sinfin Lane route.
The original settlement was located at the road junction just under the "S" of Sinfin on the map above. The 38 is joined by a service 37 running every 15 minutes via Stenson Road ...
... seen here near the big ASDA store.

So whereabouts is (or was) Sinfin Station?

Answer, nowhere near Sinfin!

Next blog : due Friday November 4th


  1. Yes, I remember Sinfin Central – The name because...
    Because back in 1976 the idea of a new railway service sounded exciting, especially to a place that was obviously big enough to have two stations (Central and North). It was only later that I discovered what the detail was, and that it was really only a service for Rolls Royce factory workers. I believe that the name Sinfin was used as that was the name that Rolls Royce used for their factories there.

  2. Thanks Daddysgadgets for revealing the content of tomorrow's blog! That will get us all excited!