Saturday 12 June 2021

Saturday Variety

Oh No There Isn't : Oh Yes There Is!!

When fbb used this picture in yesterday's blog, he did not know what it was - it just illustrated the use of the name "Purbeck" although routes 60 and 70 do not venture on to this celebrated non-Island! But after bemoaning the lack of a Breezers leaflet on-line, correspondent David, who dwells not too far from Purbeck, i.e. Rugby (!) sent fbb loadsa pictures of the current Breezer BOOK!
It includes some fares information, namely the price of "day rover" tickets which are zonal.
The booklet is A6 size as shown below ...
...which does mean that the print size for the timetables (all included) is a bit small - but every timetable is there as reviewed in previous blogs.

There is a smattering of panels giving information on several places of interest served by assorted Breezer.
Most importantly, the Breezers map is also there, the same map that fbb used previously to illustrate each of the services. Also included is route 5.
Route 5 runs to Durlston Country Park ...
... famous for its huge globe and equally huge views.
The bus runs every hour ...
... but suffers from an serious identity crisis. It is not More Bus 5 ...
... it is not Damory 5 ...
... but appears in the on-line timetable list as :-
The bus seems to show a simple  but confusing - "5" rather than the expected (?) D5.
It is the only 5 from Swanage and Durlston Country Park is a splendid place to visit.

Why not call it Purbeck Breezer 80?

Lies, Damned Lies, And ...
... Statistics! Here from Coach and Bus Week:-
Or, maybe, from Passenger Transport ...
... where it seems more complicated.
68%? 80%?
80% on a Sunday when there are far less buses does not look like a reliable guide to the true state of the Industry, but maybe the best conclusion to draw is that things are slowly getting better.

They're All At It!
Maybe not all, but Go Ahead North East's £1 flat fare in the evenings is being widely promoted. Posters ...
... a mysterious black van ...
... and, tegestologists alert ...
... beer mats.

Meanwhile not too fare from Geordie-land, Transdev are jumping on the £1 bandwagon ,,,
... plus other attractive offers.

fbb suggests again (Govt involvement required) that half fares all-round during July and August would bring back the punters.

Bad News In Brum?
Is it yaw dampers?

No one is saying what is actually wrong. News awaited!

Bad Colours In Sheffield?
It looks as if the curse of Stagecoach's new livery has been outpoured on Sheffield Trams. Instead of something bright and of quality ...
... we have the "special services" livery which looks like it is in undercoat, in preparation for a proper paint job. An anonymous tram driver twittered ...
What an excellent alternative to "special services" green - Stagecoach bogey livery!


Peterville Cafe Possibly Complete?
Someone at Peterville must be a fan of the Midland Railway by adapting the historic diagonal slatted fence design. Or did fbb have a few spare lengths of Ratio fencing which he cut down in height?

The marquee could do with a few tables and chairs under cover? Does anyone produce sets of cafe furniture in OO scale?

The plan is to run a string of tiny LEDs from marquee, via cafe building and showing in occasional windows of the low relief townscape atop the retaining wall. Now that might be a challenge.

Has fbb Upset Him?

Puzzle Picture
Where is this ...
... and where is the train going?

Answer tomorrow.

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  1. Faller do HO / OO tables and chairs. That well known site EBay had 2 tables and 12 chairs for £10

  2. Faller do HO / OO tables and chairs. That well known site EBay had 2 tables and 12 chairs for £10

  3. Andrew Kleissner12 June 2021 at 08:27

    The 108.6% loading of TfW trains on Sunday, May 30th derives entirely, I suspect, from severe overcrowding on Barry Island services: My understanding is that this was exacerbated by the final withdrawal of the Pacers the previous day, and the non-availability of the some of the new rolling stock. I can't imagine that such heavy loadings occurred right across the network.

    I know where the train in your picture is going - a pity that there aren't any passengers trains on that route. Perhaps they could load an open-top (single deck) bus onto a flat wagon!

  4. Peter asks why D5 and not 80?

    The D5 comes from several years ago when it was a tendered Dorset CC summer service, initially operated by Damory (A GSC company) and run from the main carpark.

    Twitter news from Morebus is that selected cross Poole, Bouremouth to Southbourne M2 journeys are being operated with open top buses:

    John in Bournemouth

    1. And prior to 2011 the summer only D5 service was operated on tender by Discover Dorset