Sunday 13 June 2021

Sunday Variety



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An Apology
fbb has discovered that on-line participants in our Sunday Service are summarily thrown out of the Service after the sermon. fbb does not know why and has voiced his concern at this weird policy.

It won't happen on Sunday 27th June!

We'll Take That as "Red" 

Today's blog is greatly enhanced by a song from the Bay City Rollers. (Yes, it does show fbb's age!). One of the first post Beatles "supergroups", their songs often paid minimal respect to the idea of scanning and rhyme; as we can see below.

Supporting pictures have been supplied by fbb!

Once the style in town for First Bus
Sadly, they were labelled worst bus
With Barbie livery.

Couldn't love it, 'twas far too pale
As an image, 'twas doomed to fail
Was Barbie livery

Bye bye Barbie
Barbie goodbye
Bye bye Barbie
No need to cry

Barbie two was hardly better
A disappointment when we met her
Was Barbie version two

Lifed up with bright front wedges
But that was papering o'er the edges
Of Barbie version two

Bye bye Barbie
Barbie goodbye
Bye bye Barbie
No need to cry

But now the Barbies' been put to bed
Replaced by more and more bright red
New First Bus livery.

First Bus, brightest in the land
Whist Stagecoach now is weak and bland
Pathetic Livery

Bye bye Barbie
Barbie goodbye
Bye bye Barbie
No need to cry

Southampton City led the way
Red Three then City Reds, hooray
Just like it used to be

Ipswich Reds, and then Coastal

Doncaster we love the most - all
Just like it used to be

Riddance Barbie
Barbie goodbye
No more Barbie
No need to cry

Bye Barbie, Barbie bye bye
(repeat ad nauseam)

The red has subtle variants with slightly different tags on the Ipswich area vehicles ...
... a variant for route 66 ...
... and, somewhat perversely, an Ipswich Reds special livery for ...
... Felixstowe!
There is also an Ipswich Reds Stowmarket Swift ...
... with a half hearted duck-egg blue stripe on the buses; the colour repeated on the timetable list ...
... but not on the PDF timetable!
And, just as a P S we must not forget Kernow's Tinner!
And from Sheffield, news that a venerable First bus ...
... fleet number 37494 has been outshopped in yet another new livery.
It is possible that the July edition of Buses magazine is a bit previous as, according to Sheffield contacts, the bus has not yet appeared on the road.

Worth waiting for?

Puzzle Picture
The train of empties was on its way to Boulby Potash Mine ...
... to collect a load of potash - surprisingly. The route is gloriously wiggly ...
... and the train is pictured on the mega wiggle at Brotton.
The line continued via Whitby West Cliff station ...
... the Larpool Viaduct at Whitby ...
... and Robin Hoods Bay ...
... to arrive at Scarborough.

That must have been a fantastic ride! - But slooooow!

And From East Yorkshire ...
... yet another example of the company's "family" of new liveries.

Signs Of The Times
A Twitterer posted this picture ...
... and claimed, as a train driver, that there were nowhere near enough notices for his edification. Of course you can spot the station, "Filton lines and Avonmouth lines" give it away. Bristol Parkway, of course warning drivers of hybrid trains that there is no electric string for the two designated left hand turns.

Maybe Notwork Rail will add overhead power to the lines via Filton once the work at Temple Meads is complete. Or maybe not?

A Present For Fathers Day
From Hornby, a highly unrealistic coal wagon for £18 OR
... from Bachmann, a very realistic coal wagon in a daft livery for £17.
If the question were asked, which it hasn't been, fbb would go for a non "Fathers Days" branded Oxford Rail cattle wagon for £12!

More Tasteful Branding
Stagecoach please note!
Two brand new branded buses for routes 36 and 37, recently delivered to Diamond Bus in Manchester. The 36 and 37 were, of course ex First Bus routes and run from Manchester to Bolton!
Spot the dramatic route branding from First! You didn't? Here is the rest:-
Good, innit? fbb wonders why First didn't do too well in Manchester.

In  tomorrow's blog; timetable books, then and now.

 Next Isle of Wight bus blog : Monday 14th June 


  1. That Diamond 36/37 livery is foul!

  2. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your daily blog and many thanks for the Father's Day wagon picture. Just been and bought one on ebay for my Dad who will love it. As for First, they couldn't run a bath. The Coastal Reds are in Great Yarmouth now as well and really don't look great in the flesh as it were!