Monday, 22 October 2018

Leeds To Thorpe Park (1)

Everybody Knows Thorpe Park.
The fbb's neighbours often have a "day out" there. This involves getting up very early, returning late and having, reportedly, a ------ good time (expletive deleted).

Apparently one highlight is to "enjoy" a ride on "Stealth".
After passengers are securely restrained, the launch sequence begins with the retracting of the brake fins as the train attaches to the catch car.

An American-accented voice announces, "Place your heads back, face forwards, hold on tight and brace yourself." The message is repeated as five red lights turn on one by one, before the announcer shouts "Three, two, one... Go, go, go!"

The lights turn green and the train accelerates to 80 mph in 1.9 seconds into a steep, vertical top hat element. The train then turns 90 degrees to the left and descends the top hat element into another 90 degree turn. A second bunny hop hill follows producing a brief moment of weightlessness before the train enters the brake run and returns to the station.
The ride lasts for about 30 seconds.

Let it be made very clear that fbb would not be seen dead on "Stealth" - or maybe he would ONLY be seen dead on "Stealth" - dead with fright or a massive coronary!
The current bus link from Staines-on-Thames to Thorpe Park ...
... is run by Sullivan Buses.
Stagecoach also operate their service 17 to Thorpe Park ...
... with an open top bus in the Summer.

But the big news is the First Bus has just recently started a route to Thorpe Park, running every 15 minutes.
The X26 runs to the Park from ...

... Guess where?

This is where you will find First's Thorpe Park.
O.K., enough of the teasing.

Thorpe Park theme park is in Surrey (near Staines-on-Thames) - obviously.

Stagecoach's Thorpe Park is in Cleethorpes.

First's Thorpe Park is near Garforth east of Leeds.

In more recent years the topmost chunk of the M1 runs due north between Swillington Common and Colton Common, then veers east between Brown Moor Cottage and Barrowby Hall.
The yellow wiggly road in the map above is the "spine road" of the Leeds version of Thorpe Park.
Here you will find a hotel and lots of "Components" ...
... of varying numerical value.
Quite what was wrong with "areas 1 to 7" is not clear.

At the end of the main drag through the components, Streetview reveals yet another building site ...
... which is now opened as "The Springs" shopping mall.
The future, it would appear, is orange!

The Springs officially launched on Saturday 13th to a swarm of shoppers ready to experience Leeds’ most-anticipated new retail Park.
With big named brands such as H&M, Outfit, TkMaxx, Nando’s, Boots, M&S Foodhall and PureGym all opening their doors to the public, guests to the retail park enjoyed a day filled with family fun, free food and giveaways.

On hand to entertain the crowds was our very talented (and very tall) juggler, balloon modeller and roaming magician; who wowed crowds in and out of the shops with their acts. Kids (and some adults) also entered our glitter tattoo and face painting stations to be transformed into mermaids, unicorns, tigers and even spooky skeletons – just in time for Halloween!


Top right in the map above is an embryo railway station, possibly to be named East Leeds Parkway.

Road access from afar is at M1 junction 46.
Tomorrow we look at First's X26; but, meanwhile ...

A Heartening Tale From Sidmouth
This is the people shelter at Woolbrook Road, Sidmouth, just along from the site of the former Devon General bus shelter (depot), now a Lidl store.
Just getting started in the town is a "Repair Cafe"
One of the first tasks of "the gang" has been to provide the Woolbrook shelter with a shiny new bench. It was "fettled up" from two rather tired and creaky benches and now looks like this.
Congrats to the splendid team wot did it!

The Delights of Living At Seaton  No 234
Here is the view across the bay from Beer Head Car park at 1600 yesterday

Beyond Belief No 176
Two timetable leaflets collected from Sheffield Interchange over the weekend.
Today's quiz questions are ...
... Where does the 41 go?
... Where does the 95 go?

Does First Bus know which bus routes its vehicles follow?

Apparently not.

 Next Thorpe Park blog : Tuesday 23rd October 


  1. Why not point this obvious human error out to First, more useful than writing a mealy mouthed blog about it surely?

    Or are you not man enough?

    1. Not really FBB's style to contact First and say "excuse me, but do you realise that there appears to be an error on your timetable".

      He'd rather dance for joy and wave it round here shouting "I know better than you load of incompetents!"

      A strange approach, but that's his way.

    2. You both fail to realise that neither method is mutually exclusive. It is perfectly possible to do either one or both. Of course, there is no guarantee that either method will achieve the desired result.

  2. Are those First's leaflets or South Yorkshire's ones? ie is this commercial bus staff or back office civil servant?

    1. Or a marketing agency, or a graphic design contractor? Employed by either First or SY?

    2. Does it really matter? Whoever has commissioned the leaflet is still ultimately responsible for ensuring they contain correct information, so that people can know that they can make a particular journey.

  3. East Leeds Parkway is planned further east near Micklefield (and the A1M) Thorpe Park would be called Thorpe Park.