Thursday 25 October 2012

A Particular Problem with Pudsey

From the local Bradford rag ...
Manager Dave Sanderson, who helped promote the new bus in Centenary Square, Bradford, today promised an improved passenger experience on the number 72.

Customers can expect a “safer, more comfortable” journey on a relaunched First Bus service between Bradford and Leeds. Mr Sanderson said: “We are putting the new service on to improve punctuality, reliability and customer service, and to bring the two cities together.” While a new colour scheme and leather seats will provide extra comfort, Mr Sanderson believed the presence of a customer host would make a big difference for passengers. He said: “The good thing about having a customer host is that they are on board, so there will be no graffiti or vandalism. People will feel safer.” The 72 will run seven days a week and the first bus from Bradford leaves at 7.15am on Sunday.

Is that printed publicity they're clutching?
But a problem with Pudsey?
Surely not?
Surely it cannot be that, following on from the depressing Jimmy Savile revelations, today's shock news is that Pudsey bear has no sight disability at all; and that he just wears that spotty bandage to tug at potential donors' emotions; going for the sympathy vote!

Quite right, it isn't true; fbb made that bit up. Because today's Pudsey problem emanates from the launch of the First Bus Hyperlink service between Leeds and Bradford; more specifically from the on-line timetable obtained from First's web site. Here is an extract:-
[click on the image if you need to enlarge it] It's those journeys ending oddly at Pudsey Civic Hall ...
... which doesn't appear on the Hyperlink 72 map. So where is Pudsey Civic Hall? And why do these buses divert to serve it? Late shifts battling with the arduous overtime administration of the affairs of the noble burgers of Pudsey? And where is Pudsey anyway?
So there is Pudsey Civic Hall, located at New Pudsey? Stannngley? Farsley? Thornbury? Certainly nowhere near Pudsey. Here is Pudsey Town Hall ...
... right in the centre of Pudsey (and a listed building, to boot!). But Pudsey is not served by route 72 and never has been. The plot thickens.
So Pudsey Civic Hall is very near to Hyperlink 72 but most journeys don't call there, apparently. Except, of course, those evening journeys shown on the table above. What is worse, there are no stops at the Civic Hall as such, just a layby for cars ...
... situated 200 yards or so up Cote Lane and thus somewhat distant from service 72. Even when operating in Hyperlink mode, fbb thinks that turning a Wright Streetcar here is an unlikely proposition. fbb opines that these oddly timed Hyperbuses stop here ...
... on the main road, just opposite the police station. Then they skulk off, possibly down the ring road, to their little overnight home at Bramley depot.

But, of course, this means that - yes you've guessed it ...

All Hyperlink 72 journeys stop at (more correctly "near") "Pudsey Civic Hall" which isn't at Pudsey; not just the few shown as terminating there.

Another computer generated nonsense. Does anyone check these things? Does anyone understand? Does anybody care?

The traditonal name for this area has been, since man first walked on earth (well, through Stanningley at least), Dawsons Corner. But is it? The stop pictured above is labelled ...
... and not Dawsons Corner, despite the stop being opposite the Police Station which backs on to a road called "Dawsons Corner". According to Traveline, Dawsons Corner is the next stop along Bradford Road. Heeelp, this needs further investigation.
Whilst waiting for the excitement generated by "Discovering Chaos at Dawsons Corner", someone might like to have a go at explaining this from Travel South Yorkshire's "Blue" tram timetable.
Look at that 0852 from Shalesmoor. How does it get there? Can it turn via a crossover if it runs "light" from the depot at Cricket Inn Road? Does it really whizz non-stop past all those tram stations at Ponds Forge and between the railway station and Manor Top? Or is it just another computer generated mistake unspotted by a real person. 
The tram service to Herdings Park runs every 30 minutes and is called the "Purple" route; but the "Purple" does not normally run via Shalesmoor. Maybe that's what has confused the computer confuser!

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  1. Interesting that the First timetable has timing points at sensible locations but also relating to the 15 minutes maximum the Traffic commissioners like to see. I can remember the much smaller roundabout at Dawsons Corner when only the Farsley side of the ring road existed not the Stanningley By-Pass nor indeed the Pudsey Civic Hall and the bus stops were on the Bradford side so not good for terminating and heading down to Bramley depot.
    Pudsey Civic Hall by the way is essentially a theatre not a local government building. Pudsey still has a Town Hall for that, which is actually in Pudsey as you show.
    Personally I would have added Stanningley Bottom as a time point then the last stop before Dawsons Corner with a railway symbol and referenced New Pudsey station which is two minutes walk away. That way the terminating journeys wouldn't look the way they do.
    But then you and I are old school busmen eh?
    Ken ex Bradford and now Traveline Dorset.