Friday 10 June 2022

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 A Council Scheme That WORKS?

Medina Way avoids Newport town centre and takes traffic to Cowes. It enters the above picture lower right and exits top centre. The right hand "turn" at the roundabout leads to a clutch of industrial estates, B & Q and the like. The left hand turn at the roundabout then splits with the northbound section wiggling west to take you to Yarmouth etc and the southern route being the age-old way into Newport that predates the "big road" (lower right again).

Gettit! Gottit! Good!

Many Islanders were terrified of this huge roundabout ...
... seen above as approached from the south, and below again approaching from the west. Note the Southern Vectis bus aiming at the old way in to Newport.
It has all been swept away and replaced with something VERY different. It looks really scary ...
It has been turned into two simple (?) junctions. At the very top of the picture is a T junction for the road from the west; with the old wiggle ...
 now blocked off.
Note the bay window by way of identification!

So, coming from Yarmouth (ferry from Lymington) ...
... all fbb had to do was to turn right at the T junction ...
... the straight across at the new "crossroads".
It does seem to work; which is a surprise because it must be the first such project from the IoW Council that is almost good.

But, as correspondent Alan opines, "Good it might be, but is cost nine million quid and disrupted Island travel for over a year - was it really worth it?"

As the chubby one drove via Newport to the Premier Inn at Sandown / Lake / Merrie Gardens (confusingly it goes under various names) ...
... he had need to trundle along Staplers Road ...
... where he spotted a Southern Vectis bus stop flag. It looked odd and different from the current style above. fbb will return to investigate.

Such excitement.

The usual fbb pit stop en route from Seaton to Sandown is Sainsbury's at Ferndown.
It has a nice caff and expedites the purchase of snacks for tea and some real blue-top milk instead of those um-milk-like pottles beloved of the hotel trade.

But, horrors of aghast horrors, the caff is gone! It is now a Boots Pharmacy - a very nice pharmacy no doubt ...
... complete with a full prescription service ...
... but with no tasty cooked-to-oder meals to titillate the internal workings of the elderly twosome! Gloomily they tucked in to a sandwich whilst seated in car in car park in sorry disappointed.

Evening dining was therefore enjoyed with the affable Colonel Harlan Sanders whose restaurant is plumb next door to the gaff.
Hmmm. Looks a bit small, even for a pop up!
Fortunately on empirical inspection ...
... the Colonel was hard at work in his subsequent-to-streetview sophisticated saloon.

And so to bed. More public transport tomorrow.

Power Of Pentecost Provides Peace and Purpose
There are millions of people who experience the presence of God's "Holy Spirit" in their lives today. fbb and Mrs fbb are two such. No tongues of flame resting on their heads, but an internal "fire" which gives then an extra "oomph" and an inner warmth when they are seeking to serve an Almighty God.

In his "rebirth" as Paul, the persecutor Saul now advises the recipients of his letter in Rome ...

For I am certain that nothing can separate us from his love: neither death nor life, neither angels nor other heavenly rulers or powers, neither the present nor the future, neither the world above nor the world below - there is nothing in all creation that will ever be able to separate us from the love of God which is ours through Christ Jesus our Lord.

That's Pentecost!

That's Whitsun!

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  1. Sainsbury's are closing around 75% of their cafes. My local one, which is just off the A38, has closed, as has the one in Matlock, close to the station. Try Morrisons.

  2. Happily Lincoln is one of the few Sainsburys to retain a cafe 😀