Sunday 19 September 2021

Sunday Variety

 Question Answered

Answer : What else but keep and eye open for a Hornby TPO (with net) and try again. Such a model appeared almost instantly and with a "make an offer" button. fbb cheekily offered what he had bid before (and lost!) which was accepted.

Thus it was that while the fbb's were a-lunching with their guests (The Fearnley Four) it duly arrived in a more well proportioned package showing a powerful use of parcel tape.
fbb was doubly excited; firstly to get what he had originally wanted, and secondly because he had never been familiar with this reboot of the old Triang model that he had owned as a treenager.
Firstly, the model was more realistic with a well designed "net" in black.
It is a working model as before but still actuated by ramps in the track. But now both catch and throw functions are both part of "the net", For catch a scoop opens at the top ...
... and for throw (more correctly "drop") the mailbag falls out of a hole at the bottom. 
Much neater than the original, but fbb does not know how many mailbags are lost in domestic cleaning machines!

Were the carriage roofs ever red? fbb will be reducing the garishness by the judicious application of a coat of matt grey.
All on-line snaps show the expected grey.

Puzzle Pictures
The building
This shows progress on the Premier Inn on the site of the old tax office ...
... at Porthmadog. It is bang opposite the recently extended platforms of the Ffestinion Railway.
To accommodate the longer trains from Caernarfon via the Welsh Highland line, platforms were extended on to the Cob a while back.
Let's hope that Premier Management will allow booking for a premier room to view the premier narrow gauge railway of North Wales!

The railway
No 3 son lives at Haywards Heath and has never told his old man about the above. It runs in Beech Hurst Park, operating on Saturdays only until the end of September.
It looks truly wonderful! There is a wide selection of "home" locos ...
... supplements from time to tome by visitors. It looks a fascinating ride!

There's plenty of it.
It may be small in gauge and scale but it is perfectly formed.
Yet No 3 son has NEVER told fbb of its existence!

Simkins Sweets
It is yet another unrealistic wagon from Rails of Sheffield.
It comes with a time of sweeties and a significant price tag ...
... of - well fbb cannot remember, but about £25 plus postage.

No matter - they are already sold out!

Waverley v A Cruise Liner
Photographed from Lyle Hill Greenock ...
... it is still difficult to get a true sense of scale.
But the Waverley is no rowing boat either!
And, talking of cruise ships, this is Virgin's Scarlet Lady ...
... seen here at Liverpool . A second Scarlet vessel joins the fleet next year!

And More Politicians Spending Loadsa Money
We'll see.

And Two Come Along At Once
And the story of the employee-buy out of South Yorkshire Transport.
Both will be reviewed next week. They are both fantastic volumes and should be on the shelves of any serious bus enthusiast or budding boss. Add them to your Christmas List - far more stimulating than socks or a jumper!

Problem Solved?
fbb and the Mrs meet a few other old crocks for coffee on Saturday mornings. At yesterday's matinee, fbb, never one to shrink from tackling the big international problems of our broken world, sought advice from the Barista.

"What is the difference," he posed, "between a Flat White and an Americano with hot milk?"

The Barista's answer seemed to imply less coffee, more froth and a higher price.

In desperation, fbb turned to the interwebnet.
So, the Americano is Espresso plus water (and possibly with a little jug of milk, hot or cold - but that doesn't count!). For a Flat White "steamed" milk is added instead of water and for a Latte you get the bonus of added froth.


So how would the barista describe fbb's favourite, namely strong Gold Blend (other brands are available) plus single cream (lotsa)?

 Next Book Review Bl;opg : Monday 22nd September 


  1. Yes, the roofs of TPO stock were red, but only for the first vehicles to carry the livery which were used in the re-make of the "Night Mail" film which had a number of helicopter shots of the train.
    All subsequent repaints had the usual grey.

  2. "strong Gold Blend (other brands are available) plus single cream". Granuleamo

  3. I can provide a better link between the tin of sweets and a railway wagon. My paternal great grandfather (and so a Simpkins) drove for the London , Brighton and South Coast Railway starting with goods wagon shunting. He started his passenger train career on the East London Line with Rooter(not Terrier, please) 659 'Cheam'and about 1930 drove the Royal Train and George V, who handed him a sovereign for his trouble, to the Derby.