Monday 25 February 2019

Puzzle Pictures, Places and Poles (1)

It began with a picture forwarded from No 3 son who, as most readers will remember, works doing computer stuff in Basel, Switzerland. He is wont to challenge his father's intellectual acuity by sending a photo which fbb has to identify. 

This one was easy peasy!
A block of flats and a road junction. There was a bus shelter in the distance, but it was the premises centre left that gave the game away.
Fortunately there is only ONE Cafe Meier in Basel ...
... and the picture on-line gave out the right vibes. And so to Google Maps.
Gurgling with electronic delight, fbb reported his near instant success to the boy!

"But I asked you what was missing", came the reply, accompanied by two more snaps.

One was of the paved area outside the building ...
... and the other, a close-up of the bus stop.
Perhaps Streetview will help? Well, there's the caff and its associated bakery and pastry shop ...
... and a BVB bus parked outside.
But something has, perhaps, been paved over after the Streetview camera car bumbled by.

And the Streetview bus stop ...
... had gained an electronic thingey after the noddy  car's visit.
Then it clicked with fbb. That paved area was a former turning circle, but according to the system map, nothing terminates there today! Buses 33 and 48 call there ...
... but speed ever onwards; 33 to Schönenbuch Dorf
And here's one going there.
It's a gas, man!

The 48 continues to Bachgraben ...
... likewise with name on bus stop flag as evidence.
But we have met the 48 before in these blogs (read again).

But no matter. Because, in searching for suitable pictures, fbb came across this.
The 33 used to terminate at Wanderstrasse hence picture of bus at Bakery ...
... and turning circle now paved over.
As if to confirm this, someone has posted a video, filmed out of the back window of a 33, all the way from Basel Centre to Wanderstrasse. (yawn). Sadly it just gets to the stop as pictured above ...
... and the video ends. Shame! But the large pole and the no entry signs are the same; and work is now finished on the house across the junction.
But that very thick pole ... hmmm.
And today IS your author's 
Many wonder how the old man keeps going.
Many more wonder why!
 Next Basel Pole blog : Tuesday 26th February 


  1. Many happy returns, FBB.

  2. Have a good day! And btw you're not considered old, I've read, until you're 75. Get some more time in, youngster!

  3. Never mind whether other people consider you old, looking out from inside old is an ever-receding horizon.