Friday 22 June 2018

Happy In Holsworthy

In a change to the advertised programme ...
... fbb desperately (according to Mrs fbb) needed a holiday haircut! Sadly, his Seaton hair stylist of choice, Ray ...
... passed away a few days ago after a struggle with cancer. So, yesterday morning, a trip into Holsworthy for a necessitous shearing service was a priority programme provision.
Now trimmed and beautiful, your coiffeured correspondent could consider Holsworthy's public transport. Thanks to the noble Mrs Badock ...
... the town has a splendid people shelter for those travelling westbound.
In the other direction facilities are less salubrious ...
... but red top was, indeed, waiting for a bus towards Exeter. Timetable frames opposite were unhelpful ...
... but one frame did give times for the stop literally outside the church.
The 1127 service 6 duly appeared from Bude Road ...
... to collect a smattering of passengers from the Church steps!
Where might you go for the timetables missing from the empty frames, helped in their emptiness, presumably, by the actions of inebriated Holsworthies?

Whatever you do, don't rely on the electronic system!
There were a few tantalising orange asterisks in the top left of the otherwise uninformative screen.

But, joy of joys  - and dancing in the streets of Holsworthy ...
... effusive thanks must go to the lovely ladies of the library, located next to Mrs Badcock's illustrious edifice.
There in the right hand end of the shuttered windows ...
... were affixed every bus timetable for the town!

But, even better, inside the library, fbb was able to obtain a timetable BOOK! 
And a superb timetable book it is!
This reveals that in addition to the trunk route 6 (Exeter to Bude - click for a better view) ...
... there is a "reasonable" service from/to Barnstaple.
But there is no usable link to Torrington (more correctly "Great" Torrington) ...
... where the fbb's went yesterday afternoon ...
... to watch 16 glass blowers hard at work.
This is not a job that fbb might take on ...
... but some of the "finishing" tasks might be a possibility.
Sounds painful! But if you want you moil cracking off, fbb might well be your man!

And the glass, though gorgeous in every way, is a bit beyond the budget of your favourite OAPs..
£39 for a lager glass!!! £12 for a lager glass? And how much to have Cristiano Ronaldo engraved on it. Does he play for Ingerland?

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  1. As far as I am aware Stagecoach 6 replaced stagecoach x9 which replaced first x9 which replaced Jennings coaches which was originally the rail replacement bus for the Bude - Halwill Junction - okehampton section of the "withered arm" which bit the dust in the 60's. I believe Waitrose now occupies the station area but sections of approach viaduct can be seen at both ends of the site still extant

    1. And the Waitrose cafe has pictures of the old station within it.
      Waitrose was a similarly unmarked stop last time I used it.

  2. Time tabled for buses and trains do not appear on Alexa. So much for technology

  3. Thanks Mackay. All spot-on! The double deck 6 does a clever wiggle to avoid the low bridge next to Waitrose.