Tuesday, 15 August 2017

But If You Don't Know The Answer ...

... It Is Hard To Find Out.
The only reliable way is to ask someone; but that can be both challenging and unreliable. We have already seen that the on-line map supplies by the Travel South Yorkshire (TSY) people has a maze of lines with labels here and there and a few route number boxes.
The white on black usually denotes a terminus, yet the 84 seems to go further. So which bus stops where? The timetable available on-line from TSY offers three time points for outward journeys.
As they are at consistent minutes past each hour, it is reasonable to assume that they are close together. might they be in the centre of Barnby Dun? Maybe?

Does Barnby Dun have a "centre". The Road named High Street offers little in the way of retail services, just a pub ...
... a printers, a defunct barbers and, always useful, and undertakers. Useful services maybe, but hardly a shopping centre. 

But if we move to the junction of Church Road ...
... Stainforth Road, Catling Lane and (unnamed on the map extract above) Top Road. There are bus stops outside Spar ...
... for buses TO Doncaster.

There is a stop on Top Road ...
... for journeys FROM Doncaster. On the opposite "corner" is the Post Office, a few yards along Hatfield Road.
And opposite the Post Office is yet another bus stop ...
... possibly also for journeys TO Doncaster.

How does this tie up with stop names in the PTE timetable?
Above is an extract from the FROM Doncaster schedules. We can identify the terminus of the 84 at Church Road Marlowe Road because that is the stop outside Spar. But it is for buses TO Doncaster, surely; and there is no pole or shelter opposite.

Might Stainforth Road Coleridge Road be the full name any stop opposite the Post Office?


Coleridge Road is right on the edge of Barnby Dun, almost in open country and some distance from anything that might be called the centre".
Are any buses timed at Top Road?

No. The other outbound stop is way up Church Road, way past the shops and, again, on the way "out of town".

What about TO Doncaster stops and time points?
We have already met Church Road Marlowe Road as the terminus of the 84 and it is also served by the 84a which enters the village past the Spar shop.

Perhaps the 84b might be helpfully timed at the stop opposite the Post Office, not too far from Spar?Alas, no; that stop would be called Stainforth Road Talbot Avenue.
The inbound time point is also named Broseley Avenue, sort of oppsite Coleridge Road, but even more in open country.
Before fbb reveals what actually happens, we might look at First Bus' version of the 84 timetable.

FROM Doncaster?
TO Doncaster?
Same split of stops but different names - and no easier to understand.

We really don't make public transport very easy, do we?

 Barnby Dun revealed : Wednesday 15th August 


  1. This makes no sense. I've no idea what point you are trying to make as this is so full of errors.

  2. I have to disagree with 'Anon' above. FBB's point is well made and quite succinct - his final sentence says it all.