Sunday 4 December 2016

A.D.D.L.E.D. (part 2)

fbb has just bought a new phone to improve the quality of his pictures but had huge problems in transferring them to the laptop. So back to the old phone and fuzzy close-ups. fbb will work out how to do it one day!
Connie (call me Con) Fu Zhiong continues ...
fbb reported yesterday on the first part of an address by the "top girl" in the Arriva Design Department Leaflet Excellence Division (read again) ; a talk given in response to winning the most prestigious publicity award at the recent "do" at the O2.

After a short coffee break, the audience returned. to hear Connie expound on the principles which had lifted the "Groby Road" leaflet into the first place.
Producing high grade timetables is a huge challenge, but my team has excelled this time," said Con with obvious pride.
"We followed the recommended practice of mixing Monday to Friday and Saturday tables, thus ensuring than explanatory notes would proliferate ...
...even on a very simple table. Of course we used the excuse that we were saving space, paper, fossil fuels and the planet which goes down well with the Daily Mail brigade. Of course it would have been quite easy to find room for separate tables.

On the 29A/29X things get even better with a few triangles to add to the fun."
"They tell you about journeys extended yo Burton upon Trent, but as that information is almost impossible to obtain and totally irrelevant to this leaflet, including it to clutter up the information was a real point winner!"

fbb noted that a nice touch here is with the use of 29A. There is no 29, of course.

The highlight was a whole page of journeys from Coalville. There are 17 on the page and only one doesn't have some sort of note. A magnificent achievement!"
At this, the audience erupted into tumultuous applause.

"And did you notice," Connie continued, "the last line on the 27 timetable above. All blanks! In fact we have managed to show only two journeys all day as running to Markfield Road."
1835SO, 1840SX and 2305!

Gasps of admiration from the crowd.

"In fact they ALL go to Markfield Road! How delightful is that?"

The audience erupts into gales of laughter and applause.

When the approbation quietens down, Connie pronounced even more delicious features of this prize-winning leaflet. "Look at the repeat pattern on the 29A/29X timetable." fbb did, obediently.
He noticed the the 29X called at County Hall at xx14 (it is limited stop) whilst the 29A does not stop there despite NOT being Limited Stop.

Connie was now shrieking with exuberant joy. "All buses stop at County Hall," she cried with tears running down her cheeks.

"My team have done a fine job on Sunday," she added ...
... "They've put a Saturday/Not Saturday note on the Sunday timetable."

More gasps of admiration. "But I have left the best bit till the last. Here is the WHOLE Sunday timetable from Leicester to Coalville."
"And I am going to invite you all to join in an informal quiz. The prize will be a box of 2000 of these leaflets to share amongst your bus management friends so that they may learn from the successful team"

Here are Connie's questions for our blog readers to attempt to answer.

1. Is there a 2155 from Leicester?
2. When is the last through bus to Burton upon Trent?
3. Explain the 34* time against "Amazon"!

There was a mischievous glint in madame speaker's eye and a few clever listeners grabbed their leaflet to see if anything was printed thereupon to help. Hooray, there was.
So that cleared everything up! Or didn't?

The afternoon concluded with the presentations of the actual award.
And well deserved it was, too. In fact it was not "the actual award" because, as was befitting for a Bus Leaflet celebration, the plaque had not yet been delivered from the manufacturer and would arrive well after the event! A "photoshop" mock-up was the best that the organisers could manage.

It was a pleasure for fbb to be present at such an enjoyable and informative event.
But who will be able to "top" this wonderful entry for the
AWard For Unbelievable Leaflet
in 2017?
Advent Calendar
 Where did evil come from? God? The Devil? Mankind? If God really created man, why didn't He create him good?

Heavy philosophy here!

This is Lucas Cranach:-
Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472 to 1553) was a German Renaissance painter and printmaker in woodcut and engraving. He was court painter to the Electors of Saxony for most of his career. He lived at the time of the Reformation, whose cause he embraced with enthusiasm, becoming a close friend of Martin Luther. He also painted religious subjects,

Here is his literal view of The Garden of Eden. Very "Black Forest".
The Garden is the painter's idea of perfection; his interpretation of the purity and magnificence of the Creator's work. And there ...
... is God in his cloud.

God created Man out of the "dust of the earth" ...
... and Woman out of Man.
Yuk! Very messy! And the old-man God then tells Adam and Eve that there is plenty of everything for them; life can be trouble-free and wonderful. But keep clear of that fruit!
Whilst we might find Lucas' strip cartoon (appropriate for Adam and Eve; snigger snigger|) farcical, it illustrates in a literal way that the Bible shows God as "creating" a perfect sin-free environment.

But is there some sense beyond the stylised anthropomorphic (i.e. giving an idea human form) artistry?

Maybe there is.
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  1. Sorry to ask a stupid question, but if you want to improve the quality of your pictures, why not buy a camera?

  2. I don't know about FBB but I find that a camera is too much of a pfaff to carry around when out and about and I am of such an age when photographing things around the house have become somewhat boring. I see no need to buy a camera as the one on my phone does what I want it to.

    1. Yes I see that.
      But if the camera on your phone does not do what you want it to, but the phone is perfectly serviceable otherwise, isn't it better to keep the phone and buy a camera? Some are quite small and light these days.
      Anyway, enough of this pointless discussion.