Friday, 16 December 2016

Noteworthy New Network (2)

4, 5 and 6 - We Examine the Mix
On Tuesday we took a look at Yellow Buses (a k a Paris City Transport, once Bournemouth Corporation Transport) new network from 15th January 2017. We began with routes 1, 2 and 3 (read again) and today we review the remaining "main line" groups of services.

Today's 4s all run via Wimborne Road.
At Moordown traffic lights, Wimborne Road actually lurches to the left ...
... but effectively there is a T Junction with a sort of ring road route. Here the 4s also split and wend their way to four different destinations, three westbound and one eastbound.
Sadly, the colour palette available in Blogger is inadequate to accurately reproduce the colours, but fbb will do his best.

The 4a (LIGHT BROWN) follows the ring road westwards to Kinson and Bearwood every 30 minutes; the 4b (ALMOST BLACK) gores right to Castle Point and the 4c (YELLOWISH BROWN) soon turns North and ends up at West Moors, but only hourly.

Which leaves the 14 (DARK BROWN). fbb guesses this should have been a 4d, but isn't. It started back in October as the first "proper" service to Bournemouth Airport replacing the spasmodic A1.

The block of routes together provide a bus every 10 minutes to Moordown.

What happens from the January change?
The new brand is the BOURNE line in red.

Traveline is having a technological hiccough and deep throat is refusing to put the route numbers atop the appropriate columns. The computer is demanding a bonus for coping with R1s and R2s every 17 and 18 minutes!

But we note immediately that there will now be five buses an hour to Moordown (not 6) but they will not be evenly spread. ANOTHER SERVICE REDUCTION!

B1 (was 14) runs hourly to the Airport (as before) at xx05.

B2 (was 4a) runs only hourly to Bearwood at xx35

B3 (was 4b) runs half hourly extended to the hospital at xx20 and xx50

That creates a fixed interval 15 minute frequency on Wimborne Road.

B4 (was 4c) runs as before but is extended to Ringwood at xx32

This might be the first time that Yellow Buses has reached Ringwood, currently home (mainly) to More (a k a Wilts and Dorset.

And so to 5a and 5b which fbb rode upon and blogged upon back in the spring. (read again)

Both routes run via Charminster, Winton and Ensbury Park to Kinson; the 5a (BLUE GREEN) via West Howe and the 5b (GREEN GREEN) via East Howe.
From the big change these become VILLAGE routes ...
V1 and V3 via West Howe (5a as was); V2 and V4 via East How (5b as was). The extra numbers are needed because instead of all buses running via Charminster, V3 and V4 journeys cut the corner off. If our reader is confused, there is a good change the residents of the "Villages" will be equally baffled.

V1 is hourly at xx05 and xx35 ...
... but terminate at Turbary Common off peak.
That's Cunningham Crescent (above map right) marked "local shops". Guess what happens there?
The V2, leaving Bournemouth at xx20 and xx50 ALSO terminates off-peak at Cunningham Crescent where, lo and behold, tan tan tara (etc) V2s become V1s and vice versa.

The V3 runs all the way via West Howe to Kinson off peak but NOT via Charminster and NOT evenings and Sundays. It leaves Bournemouth at xx27 and xx57.
The V4 behaves likewise via East Howe - or we presume it does. But clicking on V4 only reveals the 5A and 5b timetable!
Another deep throat sulk!

fbb thinks this "network", although offering some improved frequencies (four buses an hour via East Howe; four buses an hour via West Howe but only four an hour (two each) through to Kinson instead of six (yes it is VERY difficult), will be far too confusing for most users.

It doesn't help that the key route variants of East Howe and West Howe are not mentioned in the timetables themselves.

Let's hope route 6 is easier.
It ought to be!
But it isn't! Journeys to Bearwood at 6b whilst journeys that terminate at Wallisdown ...
... are 6w - so what is a 6?
Apparently all of it; there is no 6b or 6w in the list of timetables.

Anyway, from January the 6 (or 6b or 6w?) becomes the UNIVERSITY U6

Or is it the U5, U7, U9 or U10?

Well now. The former 6 (or is it 6b) to Bearwood ran every 30 minutes. The soon to arrive U6 ALSO tuns to Bearwood every 30 minutes.
In addition the U7 runs half hourly via the University and Wallisdown ...
... to Kinson with an hourly extension to Bearwood. That's four buses an hour to Wallisdown roundabout formerly 6 and hour. ANOTHER SERVICE REDUCTION.

There's a U5 which runs every 15 minutes direct to the Uni but ONLY during term times. U9 and U 10 runs from Southbourne via the Uni to Poole. 

BUT, fbb is filling up, there is NO U8.

And don't forget (as if any of our reader would!) that More (a k a Wilts and Dorset) run "U" buses to Bournemouth University.
But fbb's brain now hurts, so he is about to repair to the cupboard under the stairs to suck his thumb and snivel pathetically.

Best of British luck to Bournemouth and Uni residents!
Advent Calendar
The trouble is that for the Bible writers, Christmas was no big deal. Leaving aside the begats, Matthew covers his Wise Men narrative in just 30 "verses". Luke is a bit more prolific with 64 verses.

Mark and John say nowt in their Gospels.

Of course the birth of a baby that will go on to "do something" really special for humanity is important but as a happening it was a near-private obscure event.

By adding commercial and folk-lore clutter (like Father Christmas and Santa Claus), today's society has, quite literally lost the plot.

Joseph went from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to the town of Bethlehem in Judea, the birthplace of King David. Joseph went there because he was a descendant of David. He went to register with Mary, who was promised in marriage to him. She was pregnant, and while they were in Bethlehem, the time came for her to have her baby. She gave birth to her first son, wrapped him in cloths and laid him in a manger; there was no room for them to stay in the inn.
Just three verses in the whole of a 24 chapter Gospel. And, were fbb a betting man, he would bet a whole week's pension that Mary did not wear a blue frock (too expensive) and that the shining whites would have been very non-shining due to the long wait for the invention of Persil.

No innkeeper
No ox
No ass
No stable or cattle shed
No sheep
No star

There was a very ordinary unmarried mother, possibly aged 16 or less, her devoted fiancé, a baby and a feeding trough. An hour or so after the birth a few smelly shepherds called in.
Back up the hill, however, the shepherds had been scared witless.
 Next bus & bits blog : Saturday 17th December 


  1. One would have thought that with just four weeks to go to a major change of routes (whoops I mean lines - or should I say lignes?) there would be timetables on Yellows / RATP own website by now, not just a diagrammatic map! And as for 17.5 minute headways, that's a real piece of customer friendly scheduling isn't it. Well done Ken for transcribing that onto Traveline . . .
    It wasn't like this in Trolleybus days in Bournemouth (big nostalgic sigh) (-: Peter

  2. Has FBB been made aware of his as excellent app recent appearance in TheStar? ( Hopefully it leads to a few more downloads for you!