Friday 31 October 2014

Interesting Intersection of Interests [2]

The Non-X X4 at Peterborough
Stagecoach's Gold X4 takes a fast route out of Peterborough on Monday to Saturday daytimes ...
... via Fletton Parkway, leaving the local roads in the hands of a traditional non-gold service.
Thus it is that Stagecoach 24 runs hourly from Peterborough to Oundle.
Alwalton is/was a pretty little village now swallowed by modernity ...
... but the "lay-by" stop is uninviting and almost invisible!
And so, on the Warmington.

Here, the 24 stops at "Big Green", according the timetable. Only it doesn't. The minimalstic stops are here ...
... on Orchard Close. There is a flag on on the far side of the "to Peterborough" shelter ...
... hidden by a road sign, but diddly squat for passengers in the other direction. It certainly is NOT "Big Green" which isn't a village green of immense proportions, but the name of a road ...
... and its a cul de sac to boot!

Anyway, on Sundays and in the evenings there is no 24, so passengers for Lynch Wood, Alwalton with its salubrious lay-by, Elton and Warmington may use the diverted X4.
But Warmington passengers beware. The X4 does NOT serve Big Green i.e. Orchard Close. It calls at Warmington services on the A605. An aerial view suggests that this is a reasonable walk from the village.
Services bottom left.

But there will be an opportunity for a cup of freshly made coffee and a Danish before setting off from the village, or even a tasty supper upon arrival to save cooking at home after a busy day travelling on buses. But, when we investigate ...
... the "services" stops look a little less inviting. But, behind the bus, there looks like a footpath through to the restaurant, Costalot Coffee shop and toilets.
The Warmington village web site is enthusiastic ...
... but Google Streetview is less encouraging.
And the web site link to Jen's Diner (or even Peranakan Cafe Restaurant?) draws a blank. Yep; it's closed and shuttered, probably permanently. Perhaps fbb will not plan to sample the "full English" after all. Oh yes, the 24 also stops there but the ever up-to-date Traveline and/or Google Transit calls it ...
... which it isn't and hasn't been for some considerable time.

Isn't public transport information fun and thrills all the way.

But wasn't this blog about Stoke Bruerne?

We will get there in tomorrow's blog.

 Next bus blog : Saturday 1st November 

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