Sunday 3 November 2013

F S = France Sévrier? [Episode 2]

Une aventure à Annecy

We begin at the railway station ...
... with country buses next door ...
... and the Sibra town network clustered round the square just beyond:-
Also close by is the enquiry office ...
... "open from 7:30am to 7pm from Monday to Friday, 9am to 12am and 2pm to 5pm on Saturdays." Timetables are, of course, 24-hour-clock but not opening hours. Driver David has not (yet!) explored the Annecy network but one day might provide fbb with a full report. Until then the company web site will furnish a brief outline of the system.

Unusually the on-line presence is a little tatty ...
... with missing graphics and non working links. But there are ten "main lines" with full timetables showing every journey and every stop in a horizontal format.
Note as usual the "fréquences françaises folles"; sorte de toutes les dix minutes (sometimes)!

Each service has an excellent route map:-

Services 11 to 18 are less frequent but, again crazily so at a very rough "very hour". Some run even less often, as here with route 15 ...
... but they all come with a detailed route map.

There is a minimalist Sunday network of four lettered routes ...
.. .likewise three night bus services.
Again, here, the web site is weak. Clicking on the button for the "M" timetable, for example, delivers this useful graphic!
The timetable is there (obviously?) on the same page as the route map!
Herewith hidden "horaire".
"NoctiBus" services run six nights a week with no service on Sunday night / Monday morning. Note also that "night" starts at 2123.
If this pic from the Sibra web site is typical, these services are not heavily loaded. But they do charge normal daytime fares; bonus!

These (heavily subsidised) normal fares are, as expected, ludicrously cheap with a flat "single" (actually for an hour's travel including change of bus) of just over £1 (€1.30) and the usual range of discounts for regular travel.
Travel unhampered throughout the network for 73p a day.

Moins cher que les frites! [Cheaper than chips.]

But, having digressed dramatically, fbb's investigative ardour will now be directed to a Sibra bus route that costs €5.50! Quelle horreur!

And FS is not a Forgotten Subject!

 Next bus blog : Monday 4th November 

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