Sunday 23 September 2012

What's at Windsor? [1]

More from the Northamptonshire Bus Strategy (read again):-
We read on page 24 that bus stops need to be located where there is good street lighting. Northampton correspondent Alan reports thus:-
I have just walked from one end of Eldean Road along the 9 / 9A bus route via Firsview Drive, Harlestone Road, Quarry Road and Main Road to the other end of Eldean Road.
At seven of the fourteen stops I passed, the nearest street light is turned off as an economy measure. Perhaps we should ask Council members to check their local area? For example:-
Route 9 : And overhanging tree at stop at Woodland Close / Firsview Road. The street light is off.
Route 9 : The only light at the shelter at Port Road / Quarry Road is a feeble eerie glow from the next bus display screen.
Safety? Passenger confidence? D(r)aft public transport strategy!

An unverified report from a Union meeting at the First depot says that the sale of the Northampton operation will be announced in 5 or 6 weeks. We await further confirmation. You read it here first : probably?
[email from Northampton correspondent 1942 Saturday 22nd September.]
So what is at Windsor?
It's more than the Castle; much, much more.
A little song for you to sing. You probably know the tune.
Way back then, Green Line hurrying,
Round the town, RTs scurrying
A beautiful sight;
Timetables right
Waiting in a Windsor wonderland.

Legoland; attraction beckoning,
Rainbow fares; careful reckoning.
Trav'lling with First,
Thrill till you burst
Waiting in a Windsor wonderland.

In the cafes we can spend our money,
£8.50 for a chilli wrap.
Tourist prices simply aren't that funny!
When the stuff you get is really -


Which to choose, ain't it thrilling,
Stations two; with top billing.

Set off for Slough,
Or Waterloo now,
Escaping from a Windsor wonderland.

fbb and Mrs fbb are spending the weekend with No. 3 son in Watford. Sadly, and as a consequence of a lunch invitation in the unbussable hinterland of Eastleigh on Sunday at 12 noon, the trip is by motor car. A brief stop in Windsor on the way offered an ideal opportunity to give the Berkshire town's transport facilities the "once over". There is plenty of interest to be revealed in later blogs. For the time being, however, please note that the machines in the town centre car park have only limited coin receipt capability.
These coins were introduced in 1992 and it has been a long, hard, but sadly unsuccessful struggle to find the correct technology. Parking fees are a bit higher than on the Island.

And a little puzzle question for our readers. What is the function of this splendid little edifice (the two storey one in the background)?
It has outside steps to the first floor and a little balcony overlooking the road. Maybe the Windsor burgomeister's official residence? The home of H M Queen's official ostler? Actually it is a splendid two storey free public convenience; gents upstairs, disabled and ladies on the ground floor. fbb can't offer any comments on the quality of the decoration of the ladies, but the gents is adorned by splendid painted murals.
It makes you proud to pee British!

So orf we jolly-well go to seek out bus timetable information. And there's good news; and there's bad news. Coming soon to a blog near you.

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  1. When the sign on the parking ticket machine says "new" 5p and 10p coins, it may mean coins put into circulation since April 2012. I haven't seen much publicity about this, but I understand that the coins are now made of steel, because it's cheaper than cupro-nickel. To keep the weight the same, the 2012 coins are a bit fatter than the older ones, so coin machines have to be modified to take them.
    Coin machine operators were warned about this in 2010, so they've had two years to fix their machines. And I guess most of them have managed to do that - I haven't yet seen any Windsor-type warning signs on machines that I use.

  2. I can confirm that the machine accepted my 10p coin but am unsure what it was made of. You may be right, Steve. If so, then the notice is doubly daft because you or I cannot tell new coins from old. Unless we carry a magnet? Or a micrometer? Does Joe Public know about the change - I must confess that I didn't.

    1. I was vaguely aware that some coins were going to change, but I couldn't have told you which, or when. I found out more today, when I searched the internet after reading your blog.
      And you're right - the advice is to carry a magnet with you...