Monday, 1 November 2021

A Grand Day Out (1)


It was Sheffield correspondent Roy who decided, after suffering with a non-life-threatening bout of Covid, that he wanted to go to Holmfirth via Glossop, as you do!

As well as a ride on Hulleys X57 on its last day of running to Manchester Airport (viz Saturday 23rd October), Roy hankered after the 351 from Glossop to Holmfirth. This is one a a huge batch of routes operated by South Pennine ...
... and this is how the company explains itself - complete with diagram!

South Pennine Community Transport aim to complement the existing public transport network. We seek to provide community bus services for everyone to use, improving the availability of transport for those who find it difficult to access the mainstream network and link important unconnected communities.

South Pennine wishes to improve access to healthcare, education, employment, amenities and leisure for everyone in the community.

We operate a wide range of bus services across West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and into Derbyshire and Greater Manchester. Some of our services are operated on behalf of West Yorkshire Combined Authority and South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive.

South Pennine Community Transport is a Community Interest Company.

The operation is mainly by minibuses, of which they have a few!
Roy explains that the buses are leased and replaced every 18 months.

The 351 runes Saturdays only.
Roy takes up the story which begins at Sheffield Interchange on the aforementioned X57.
I joined the 0705 departure.
The maximum number of passengers on the bus while I was on was 6, but 8 boarded/alighted

2 on at bus station including me
2 on at Flat Street 
2 on West Street
The bus station is at Pond Street/Harmer Lane/

1 just before before City boundary
a local passenger in glossop

Alighting (as far as Glossop)

1 locally in Sheffield
2 Ladybower
2 Glossop including me

Probably this was not a bad load early on a Saturday morning; there would be few takers for an early start for a trip to Manchester!

Which, of course, leaves Roy with a hour to fill/kill enjoying the excitements of Glossop which are, frankly, somewhat limited at 0755 on a Saturday. But, being the dedicated omibologist that he is, Roy first surveyed the public transport information.

Firstly at the Market Hall, his alighting stop in Glossop.
He was not impressed. There was a Hulley's timetable with added scribble ...
... and a locally printed departure list which was not far short of awful and very difficult to read.
And so to Henry Street, next to the railway station whence hus 351 would depart. Generally the information there was of very poor quality (if any!) with no indication on the bus stop flags as to what uses each of the stands.
But there was a large noticeboard headed Public Transport ...
... which contained a useful (?) poster for the Stagecoach Hope Valley Explorer ...
... which goes nowhere near Glossop but which you might find if you travelled in the X57 on a Sunday and changed at Derwent. This was not explained. The service has now ended for the winter season.

There was a locally-produced poster which appeared to show out of date news ...
It explained that the A57 Snake Pass was closed for roadworks for 4th to 15th October but with no explanation as to when (or indeed whether!) the X57 would appear on those dates.

But, a must for all Public Transport customers, there was a superb poster of ...
... bumble bees of the peak district.

Roy's on-line researches had showed that his 351 would leave from Stand C on Henry Street ...
... which was labelled "Alighting Only"! The bus actually left from Stand A.

Yet again, a poor advert for public transport.

Having exhausted the excitement of Glossop, Roy adjourned to the EXCELLENT caff on Glossop Station.
It appears to be super trendy ...
... meaning, of course, that you cannot JUST buy a cup of coffee!
But they will sell you just "tea".
fbb cannot really describe what Roy bought, but his picture explains all!
But, clearly, this cup of "stuff" would sustain Roy for his journey to Holmfirth, which we will follow tomorrow.

Railway Poster Parade
Although fbb has not spent much time in Littlehampton, merely passing through on Stagecoach 700 en route to Brighton a while ago when it was a through service, he did not remember seeing a huge look-out tower or see any signs direction visitors to "The Tower".

That is because the BR poster artist has, perhaps, exaggerated its size.
It is an impressive edifice ...
... but not as big as it looks on the poster. It replaced an earlier even more modest offering.

fbb has just completed work on the November Quiz and Bible Mini-Notes sheet. The Quiz is here for our readers to enjoy (?):-
The leaflet covers the story of Noah, so you will easily be able to make the connection!

 Glossop & Holmfirth blog 2 : Tuesday 2nd November 


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