Sunday 27 December 2015

A Post-Christmas Alphabetical Quiz

An Extra Christmas Quiz Question.

What is a "Rolling Service"?

(a) Issuing bus passengers with skates or blades when they are forced to walk
(b) Buses set aside for inebriated passengers
(c) Saving fuel by switching off the engine when going down hill
(d) Operating without reference to route or timetable
(e) Running extra buses at an increased frequency at busy times

To help our post-festively lethargic readers there is a clue.

Rolling buses were operated by First Bus in Sheffield on Wednesday 23rd December.

Answers AFTER the alphabetical quiz.

The Last Eight:-

This municipal operator ran cross London with another municipal operator

Complete the set : Halifax, Huddersfield, Sheffield and ?

What do these FIVE buses have in common?

 Who built this?

 In which town did United Counties originate?

Which company tries to label ALL its routes as "X" services?

A company used by Gracie Fields?

 Which Z is served by the above route?

The Rolling Service
18:42 Wednesday 23 December 2015
Sheffield bus users are facing long delays tonight after several routes were changed to ‘rolling services’ to deal with waiting times.
First South Yorkshire has announced on Twitter that the 24, 75, 76 and 81/82 routes have been changed to ‘rolling services’ because of long delays.

And this was a typical tweet:-

Update Sheffield services - Route 75
A similar system was operated for routes 24 and 25, 76 and 81/82. Apparently delays were up to one hour on some trips so the services were split in the City centre and run on an "ad hoc" basis.

Needless to say, chaos ensued.

Was it legal?

Somethings is very up in Sheffield. The road works have finished so ... what IS up?

Whatever. The answer to the "Rolling" quiz question above is (d) -  Operating without reference to route or timetable.
Welsh Trek - The Voyage Home
The fbbs returned to sunny Seaton yesterday after a very enjoyable festive break. The family time was delightful but today is very much back to normal with leading the 1030 service at church being first on the agenda.
beyond the
Old man Simeon recognised the promised Messiah as the child Emmanuel, God With Us. But he went on to be somewhat more challenging ...

Simeon blessed them both and said to Mary, his mother, “This child is chosen by God for the destruction and the salvation of many in Israel. He will be a sign from God which many people will speak against and so reveal their secret thoughts. And sorrow, like a sharp sword, will break your own heart.”

Destruction and salvation
Many will speak against Him
And sorrow, like a sharp sword will break your heart.

Judgement of sinners, controversy, and deep, deep sorrow for Mary are not the obvious qualities of the sweet little baby in a manger. But they do summarise the life's work of God's prophesied Messiah.

The baby grew up!

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  1. Wasn't very impressed with the rolling services. I was trying to get to Sheffield city center on the afternoon of the 23rd via 81 and found it rediculous. I was trying to board the 15:35, TSY's live deparure info showed the bus as 5 minuets late. At 15:40 a first bus drove by with passengers on board but marked as "not in service". I tried to flag it down anyway but without sucsess at which point the bus also disapeared from TSYs live departure website. Not wanting to wait ~20 minuets for the next 81 I walked about 10 minuets and boarded a stagecoach 88. What should have happened was nothing, a 5 minuet late bus isnt running late enough to cancel and if First had some perticuar reason to make sure it was ontime back in the city then it should have run in service up Dobcroft road (where buses are about every 20 minuets) before running alighting only to the City Center along Eccelsall road (where buses are <5 minuets), but such a drastic move should only have been looked at for a >15 minuet delay to a bus on a 20 minuet frequency (ie. The bus is so late that it starts to pick up passengers expexting to board the next service which is actualy 2/3 minuets behind and which is picking up less passengers (as some have borded the delayed service in frount) letting the time between the delayed and following on time bus decrease furthur.)