Saturday 19 January 2013

It's Oh So Easy On Line! [Part 1]

Bus Pass Renewal - A Technological Revolution
That bastion of all that is great about Island life, our Council (encouraging tourism by closing toilets; encouraging education by messing about with schools and closing libraries; encouraging regeneration of town centres by increasing car park charges; encouraging "green"-ness by making more and more people drive their cars to the tip with rubbish; you know the sort of thing ...)
Council staff dealing with a resident who put some
wrappers "contaminated with food" in his
recycling bin.

Where were we, pre-rant?

Oh, yes. The council announced that we expiring old codgers would not get  a reminder or a simple repeat delivery to replace our existing bus passes, we would have to telephone or "go on-line". No other renewal method would be tolerated!

So fbb went "on line" to renew his pass.
Try again ...
... and this comes up:-
From the "invalid" department? But fbb is, considering his age, in good health. 

Keep going ...
And that was it. No further progress!

What about ...
... although it's not clear what we might want to do. Go to the toilet? Buy a cheese sandwich? Press on ...
... and we find the heading we need. Hooray.

The conclusion of this merry tale will be posted tomorrow. Too much excitement is bad for our reader!
Regular readers will remember fbb's live blog at the launch of Stagecoach's new vehicles for the service 52 bus route at Sidmouth (read again). This rough-and-ready pic is scanned from one of several that appeared in the local "rag" one week ago.
It's nice to see the elderly out for a few hours. Presumably the inanely grinning codger's carer had popped off for a quick coffee. A few fleeting seconds of fame?
And the answers to last Sunday's "London Termini" puzzle pictures (read again). If you didn't see last Sunday's blog, please bear in mind that the thumbnails below show only part of the pictures from last Sunday's post.
 No. 1   Sculpture with loco and trousers : St Pancras
 No. 2   Ladies on steps : Fenchurch Street
 No. 3   Pleasurable elevenses : Liverpool Street
 No. 4   Steps with pillars : Broad Street (long gone!)
 No. 5   Posh payboxes : Waterloo
 No. 6   Directors' room : Paddington
 No. 7   Flats above : Baker Street (re the huge Chiltern Court block)
 No. 8   Missing map : Victoria

Well done if you spotted them all! You should get out more.

 Next Bus Blog : Sunday 18th January 


  1. FBB, I wouldn't be too harsh on your council my local council's website (Basingstoke) is equally labyrinthine

    New blog needed -"Local Council Experience"?

  2. Cheers, Rich. I'll leave that to someone else!