Wednesday 4 July 2012

Tom Treddlehoyle and Progress at Pogmoor [2]

The Thin Red Line
Stagecoach (and its predecessors, Yorkshire Traction) have run the Pogmoor Circular in Barnsley for many, many years. It passes the local pub, the Tom Treddlehoyle, as reported in yesterday's blog (read again).

But from 20th July a competitive service begins, operated by Redline Buses [RLB]. Redline will operate every hour each way round the circle with a lunchtime gap, and, as announced on their web site, the service finishes by 1500, presumably to release vehicles for school contracts.
Searching for Redline on the dreaded Google offers a number of possibilities.

There's Redline in Milton Keynes ...
... there was Redline in Redditch ...
... and there is Red Line in West Kentucky!
 But we are in Barnsley ...
... where Redline will pull out of competitive service 5 to "have a go" at Pogmoor. The comany web site lacks the sophistication of the larger operators ...
... and lacks grammatical accuracy - but that's Barnsley speaking! Redline offers a conession for "Seniors" ...
... before their pass is valid and similarly to holders of "other companies" weekly tickets (that''s St*g*c**ch, by the way). fbb wishes Shaun well in his enterprise but survival seems unlikely. Only time will tell. For completeness, fbb reports that Red Line also continues to run a sporadic but infrequent service 12A to the Athersley estate, also in competition with Stagecoach.

For more information have a look at the Red Line web site (here), containing the extract quoted below with illustrations added by fbb.

About us
Hi I'm Sean, I started the company in Barnsley, 2008 with 2 buses when I took on 37 service after Stagecoach withdrew it.
We are now approaching our third year where we have 6 buses of which are low floor and we are running 12 bus services.We are a true local Independently Barnsley Bus Company committed to all our Barnsley customers and beyond!

fbb will doubtless report further as things develop.

But, progress for Pogmoor? Probably not.

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  1. In our youth there was a popular cowboy song with a refrain that went something like;-
    "Three wheels on my wagon and I'm still rolling along. The cherokees won't capture me and I'm singing a happy song....." The number of wheels left on the wagon reduced as the song continued though the singers optimism continued. Replace the word Cherokees with Ministry and I can think of a few Independents (Cowboys) who could have sung the refrain!!!

  2. A few years back another operator by the name of Dennys I belive ran a service to Pogmoor its was numbered the 341. Didn't last very long at all.

  3. Thanks poggysteve. I did not know this!

  4. Im was living here at the time but Im sure there is a photo somewhere on the internet

    1. *Wasn't living here I should say