Friday 3 December 2021

Downpour Or Delicatessen (4)

Downpour Protection Deleted Politically?

The tram tracks at Sesburn (Sunderland) have long gone and the junction has been re-jigged to favour the private motorist; but it is still recognisable courtesy of Google Earth.
On Sea Road, there is a replacemrnt for the 1930s Seaburn Hotel ...
... which has become "Grand"!
An on-line picture claims o br a tram standing at the Seaburn via Fulwell terminus. But it isn't.
There are no houses in that position or nearby of that design.
Where the trams via Fulwell used to lurk, is a meagre bus stop and Seaburn recreation Ground.
Whereas the replacement bus routes via Fulwell have a simple brick built shelter, those waiting for a bus via the coast route to town still have the privilege of the former tram shelter.
It was designed to hold crowds caught in a Sunderland Shower as they retreated from beach-based fun and frolic to ride the tram back home. Next door (if fact, below) was a set of underground toilets which, thankfully have been refurbished.
What a relief!
But the rain-escape facility seems to be far less lucky in its proposed future.

The proposal is that it will become a "Deli" and Caff operated by the owners of Blacks Corner at East Boldon as previously blogged.
Of course the reasons for this proposal are crystal clear. The Council will no longer have to maintain the shelter and, as a Big Brucie Bonus, they will even earn a rental income from it. Of course, passengers will now have to wait in the rain for the bus back to central Sunderland. But who cares?They will soon dry off!

The pictures of he refurbishment are reasonably attractive, but nowhere near as attractive as a dry shelter!
Oh, look; you can cower under the eaves; so an acceptable alternative, surely?

Not according to 1000 petitioners!
Sometimes these money making projects do make sense. Down the road at Roker an old toilet block has been bricked up for several years with alternative "facilities" provided nearby.
Yet another caff is proposed!
It does look a lot better; but how many caffs can a seafront sustain?

As part of the Saturday Variety blog, fbb will take a brief look at today's buses along the seafront - a replacement (of sorts?) for the much-missed trams.

Here is a clue:-
And an extract from a Stagecoach map.


A wise man once suggested tht he whole of the Bible could be summarised in just three words.


Maybe this is childish triviality, but Christmas does not really make sense taken out of Biblical context. Most of us know the oft-told (and oft badly told) narratives of the birth of the baby Jesus, but we do not grasp WHY it happened like that.

"God" is a perfectly valid explanation of the existence of our universe. Science breaks down completely with the idea of something for nothing. Stephen Hawking, in on of his populist (but brain-hurting) science books writes ...

The Universe is here because it is!

... which is not very "scientific".

Modern cosmology becomes closer and closer to philosophy and faith as science becomes more speculative and, ultimately, unprovable. If you are brave, read it up and see for yourself!

In the beginning, when God created the universe, the earth was formless and desolate. The raging ocean that covered everything was engulfed in total darkness, and the Spirit of God was moving over the water. Then God commanded, "Let there be light" ...

... and light appeared. God was pleased with what he saw

Scientifically, Light, in the form of hot ionised hydrogen gas, was the first manifestation of the universe that arrived out of nothing.

But the bible writers were simply not interested in the science, in how long a "day" might be, for example; they bravely attempted to explain the inexplicable with the best limited words and understanding that they had.

What mattered was that God did it and it ALL VERY was good!

Hmm, something went wrong?



You would have to assume this below is NOT genuine - but it really ought to be!

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