Sunday, 30 April 2017

Bank Holiday Weekend Quiz Part One

"Updates" originally planned for today will be published later in the week. fbb has commissioned some piccies to illustrate one of the updated items!
Which community has the shortest place name on the GB mainland and is served by a Monday to Saturday bus service.

Which municipality ran buses to Tea House

Operator's name?

How are these buses branded?

Often mis-spelled and confused with one in Staffordshire

What was "coming soon"?


Named after a river; more of a a brook..

Which village has a regular but very infrequent bus service?

Stagecoach Highland might pick up one of these in this village.

A "Great" street for a bus depot?

European City?

It used to have a bus station

Part Two tomorrow

Answers on Sunday 7th May; so, PLEASE don't give answers as a comment!
Big Developments at Seaton
Although not directly a Public Transport story, work has started on the new Premier Inn situated almost next door to fbb mansions.
The last "proper" hotel in Seaton closed in the 1990s and we only have a pub and a couple of top range guest houses that call themselves "hotels". The building, which will come in the form of a full sized Bayko set on the back of several lorries, will take 33 weeks to complete.
Weird. Either the Bayko house was from a special super-sized set or the children were miniature people from the planet Zog. Bayko consisted of a base plate and metal rods into which were slid the walls, windows etc.
To get some idea of scale, note that the small holes in the base are ⅜inch apart. The Premier Inn  will be somewhat bigger.
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