Thursday 22 November 2018

News From First In Hoodezfield (2)

Staying briefly with trolleybuses ...
...the service via New Hey Road was joined  by buses from Lindley.
These turned via a street loop still used by motorbuses today. All buses run via ...
... Thorncliffe Street outbound ...
... and Lidget Street inbound.
This picture is similar in location to the 71 trolleybus above.

The one way route applies whether the service is terminating or not.
The 372 runs every ten minutes ...
... joined by the 370 and 371 "circulars" (a better word is "lollipop").
The timetable presentation from West Yorkshire Metro is not particularly helpful; the 371 route round the loop is incomplete - it should have a time at Salendine Nook, surely.

Then there is the 373.
This runs every twenty minutes on college days only ...
... and turns at the "Salendine Nook" former schools terminus (see yesterday's blog).
First Bus faces competition on the Lindley group of routes.
Streamline runs a 370 and 371 service at odd intervals with many journeys running on schooldays only.
But the interloper does not venture on to the other half of the 370/371/372 cross-town services.
The 370 and 372 stay local to Huddersfield but the 371 ventures much further to the community of Kirkheaton. First's map implied that the service terminates in Kirkheaton at Town Road.

The PTE map and timetable says it continues to Upper Heaton ...
... a delightfully rural terminus.
This the 371 shares with part service 262 from Huddersfield to Brighouse, as pictured above.
The PTE leaflet diagram also shows a terminus at Kirkheaton.

First Bus' timetable heading says they run from Dalton ...
... but the timetable suggests that there are actually no buses to get you there!
Although you can catch a 371 back to Huddersfield from Dalton.

It's a badly shown loop, innit, and weak on both sides of the town.

Nothing like consistency to help your passengers on their way - and this is nothing like consistency.

After a sporadic foray into red fronts ...
... First has announces that the 370/371/372 complex will be branded as "H D Connect" ...
... with blue fronts to match the 372 "colour".
HD Connect is the town’s local bus service and to enhance the message First Huddersfield has recruited locals to be part of its new marketing campaign. Over the coming weeks the new-look buses and marketing will be seen across the town, with promotional activity planned to encourage locals to trial the new-look service.
Martin Hirst, Commercial Director for First Huddersfield, said: “We’re proud to provide a local bus service that connects locals with the town centre and we therefore wanted to give our ‘track’ route a new identify. HD Connect brings the 370, 371 and 372 services under one brand and customers can be confident that when they travel on HD Connect that they are travelling on a high-frequency and reliable bus route.

“We will be continuing to make improvements to the bus services in Huddersfield over the coming months and we look forward to welcoming our customers on-board and to hearing feedback about the new look-and-feel.”

Maybe your customers might be more confident if you explained where your buses go, Martin.

fbb will advise for a small fee - no, maybe a medium sized fee. Hang it - why not put the plate up for a large fee!!

Are we to suppose that "H D Connect" will eventually be applied to all Huddersfield Local services?

As well as a freebie magazine?
Which doesn't mention buses.

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  1. I think the red front was just an unbranded Holme Valley bus rather than a 'foray'

    1. Indeed. Said vehicle (37291) was repainted and used on various services before the application of branding for the Holme Valley Connection (a progressive jazz combo??) and the relaunching of said services.

  2. fbb will advise for a small fee - no, maybe a medium sized fee. Hang it - why not put the plate up for a large fee!!

    Yet nobody ever seems to take you up on these offers............