Tuesday 20 November 2018

New Kid On The Block

But First, A Thrill You May Have Missed!
fbb missed it; but Sheffield guy Roy didn't!

On Saturday and Sunday last there was dancing in the streets of Stocksbridge (Sheffield) as the Coca Cola truck visited Fox Valley shopping centre on its national tour.
Apparently free mini-cans of the famed beverage were on offer as well as all the fun of the Christmas Market. Stagecoach ran a Park and Ride service between Middlewood (bottom centre) ...
... Stocksbridge and Chapeltown ...
... complete with timetable (every 30 minutes) printed in festive red.
A jolly time was had by all.

P.S. Don't tell the kiddies but there may be more than ONE Coca Cola truck. Here is one in Vienna.
And lots more in the 2010 advert.
Maybe computer generated?

But Back In Non-Festive Luton
There is lots of "stuff" on the interwebnet showing all the good things that EasyBus operates between London and its Airports.

Some of it must be out of date. Likewise there is a wide selection of maps ...
... ditto. Here is a picture of the pick-up stop of York Way for the Waterloo to Gatwick service ...
 ... and here is the same stop today.
As far as Luton is concerned EasyBus will sell you a ride on National Express ...
... OR Green Line.
The most recent map confirms that Easy merely books you on to other operators services ...
... with the exception of one remaining link from Park Royal (Brentmead Gardens Stop Y) to Gatwick.
Other stops are equally anonymous, but as all journeys are pre-booked that doesn't matter. Presumably Transport for London would not acknowledge them because it isn't a "proper" bus or a "proper" coach?

However, minibuses have returned (or are about to return?) to the Luton and London run.
Blue Bus is trendy ...
... using similar software to the clutch of App-booked "on demand" services that have started up in various locations.
The Blue Bus business address is in a "mews" location in  Bayswater ...
... but, so far, your investigative author can find no pictures of current operation. The App is of a similar design to all the others.

The web site introduces us to those involved in the start-up.
Tazio Puri Negri (left) is founder and CEO; Joan Rodes is co-founder and head of strategy. Other partners quoted are for the technology and supply of the vehicles.
Without downloading the App, fbb cannot offer further details, but at £7.99 and a full minibus the lolly ought to be rolling in. Of course the minibuses will not be full and the price is quoted as "from" £7.99, so the old crusties of the industry will tut and sigh and wonder whether it can ever make money.

Any information from blog readers of actual journeys (sighted or taken) would be of interest!

Another job for Roger French and his twitter feed?

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  1. I’ve been waiting in eager anticipation to take a ride on BlueBus but sadly despite a 5 November promised introduction no app has yet appeared. I contacted the owners who told me it was ‘coming soon’!

  2. Dear Roger,

    App is now available and service fully operational. Hope you can try it soon and give us valuable feedback !!