Monday 27 February 2012

Notable Newbury Niceties [1]

Even if you didn't read yesterday's blog, you will enjoy
one of fbb's birthday cards (read again) - very appropriate!
And back to today's offering ...

Welcome to Newbury bus station?
On the southern edge of the Town Centre, the bus station and the railway station are within spitting distance of each other (of which more tomorrow). The bus station is relatively new and consists of a row of sawtooth stands with overall cover for the passenger waiting area. At one end there is a substantial two storey brick building, apparently providing all the necessary facilities.
At least, that is, from a distance.

But the toilets are closed ...
... and the alternatives of limited midweek use. Another sign directs the cross-legged traveller to "The Wharf", a painful and frustratingly complicated 10 minute walk! Meanwhile, during shopping hours at least, excellent "facilities" are available just past the entrance doors of the Kennet Centre shopping "mall" about 100 yards from the bus station.

The travel office is closed, permanently ...
... with the slight bonus of offering a telephone line to the company that operates most of the local routes. Clearly, Newbury Buses hasn't caught on to the 24 hour clock; and fbb has suspicions that these hours may not be valid at the weekend.
Sadly it's the wrong phone number and the wrong company!

And, if you want to buy a National Express ticket ...
... don't even think of going to the bus station where the coaches stop. That would be really silly. No, off you go for another ten minute trek (five if you know the way, maybe) to the TIC.

There are no timetables on display ...
... only the usual minimalistic departure lists. There is plenty of space in the windows of the long closed enquiry office, to mount a really useful display. But the only help the innocent newcomer can get is an accurate but less than comprehensible route diagram
And there is, joy of joys, a rather spartan waiting room ...
... which is permanently (?) locked!
fbb has a suggestion for West Berkshire Council (or whoever owns the building?), whose offices are almost next door to the bus station. Why not give a chappie (or chapess) free rental of the old enquiry office for a small "caff" in return for keeping stocks of timetables, maps etc. and selling National Express tickets?

Welcome to Newbury bus station!

Tomorrow we go in search of the Railway Station.

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  1. When the notice went up the 'phone number, web address will have been correct; the cessation (and transfer to Weavaway) of Newbury Buses as a portion of Reading Buses came only quite recently.

  2. Agreed, anonymous, but still pretty silly to leave a wrong notice in place; especially as there is no "person" to ask!

  3. I believe the bus station used to be at The Wharf, though that was perhaps 40 years ago.

    Not quite so old, but a lot older than the notices in your example, is one from my local 'Verkehrsverbund' on display in a village 'Rathaus' (council office), which celebrated its silver jubilee last year. Here's a rather poor photo:-

    Even a free advert for your blog in the text!

  4. Looks like someone is trying to make a difference in Newbury - some new information displays have appeared, including details of how to find the station on foot, an updated network map with contact details for the bus companies and some new lighting. Maybe not great but at least they (presumably the council) seem to be making some improvements.