Monday 2 May 2022

Monday Variety

Public Transport Can Look Good

Hainault Underground Station

Three overbidges and an uninspiring entrance don't do much for the joys of picturesque photography.
But choose the right moment and the right lighting conditions and platform level becomes almost beautiful.

Stockwell Deep Level Shelter Superb

In all sorts of strange London places there are weird looking bits of concrete like this. They are entrances to deep level Underground tunnels; used today for secure storage but originally developed as air raid shelters during WW2.

The one at Stockwell has been decorated by local school children as a memorial to World War 1.


Gloucester Road Glorified

The above picture reveals platforms on both sides of the train; on the left hand side the canopy does not cover the whole platform. You can get rained on whilst waiting for your shiny S stock train.

The reason is simple when you know how.

Platform 4 was taken out of use whilst platform 3 was widened. This leaves a long line of retaining wall arches. So, rather than allow these to degenerate, recent policy has been to commission "works of art" to adorn the brickwork.

A while back the theme was eggs!
Other designs have appeared.

Sometimes You Can't Look Out

Malta's new electric buses have been paraded before the press. Their green credentials are undeniable - BUT ...

Why bother with windows at all? Why not build these smart new vehicles with solid sides. It would be cheaper; and who wants to see out of bus windows anyway - it's all on line.

Contravision is an insult to passengers who have paid to get spots before their eyes!

But In Dundee You Can
McGills Xplore Dundee has been teasing us with graphics of their open top buses which duly launched at the weekend.
Pictures posted on line appear to show reasonable loads ...
... but it is a bit early in the route's short life to judge its success.
It is not at all clear when the bus takes you for a ride over the Tay Road Bridge. What weather might prevent it? The map shows a dotted line for "some journeys".
fbb would want a definite ride over the Silvery Tay ...
... although the bridge is not particularly high.

Outside the city centre, the other "destination" is "The Law" ...
... the highest point in the city (but not very high!).
From here you do get a fine view of the Silvery Tay.
Prices are expensive - you are effectively charged for a McGills day river but you can "hop on hop off" although most will simply do the round trip - expensively.

Adults : £10
Concessions : £8
Children (aged 5-15) : £5
Under-5s: go free
Families (up to two adults and three children): £24

The tour does pass the offices of D C Thomson ...
... but doesn't pass the mural of the building's more important long term residents.

Tomorrow we explore a 50th Birthday with a very youthful John Craven.

 Next Park and Ride Station blog : Tuesday 3rd May 

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