Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Super Astounding New Year Quiz

There is a bit of a bias towards London and its Underground. Questions are a mix of items that have appeared in this blog and new material.

1. Which former Underground station?

2.  What was powered by this PETROL engine?

3. Whose service 47 ran to this village (before it was flooded!)?

4. What is the route number shown by this bus?

5. Which remote UK National Rail station?

6. Where have badgers recently been re-introduced?

7. What is the address of these premises under construction?

8. Which Stagecoach 43 had a "heritage" beer named after it?

9. Where (in broad terms) was this loco photographed?

10. Which University?

11. What is being demolished then rebuilt?

12. Which terminus saw this vandalism even before the service started?

13. Whither this one-car Underground train?

14. Nifty trolleybus; but where?

15. This town changed to minibuses for a second time, then quickly back again.

Answers tomorrow. Plus a few transport related thoughts ...

 Next reveal all blog: Wednesday 2nd January 2019 

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