Friday, 4 January 2019

Super Astounding New Year Answers (3)

7. 23 and 24 Leinster Gardens
This is what it looks like now. Viewed from Porchester Terrace (next road along) ... 
... which gives the game away very quickly. This is the District and non-circling Circle Underground line between Paddington and Bayswater stations.
To avoid disturbing the sensitive susceptibilities of the local well-heeled residents, the railway company was required to build two false frontages; hence nos 23 and 24 are well disguised fakes ...
... with painted windows ...
... and solid non-opening doors.
Should you wish to observe for yourself, they are not hard to find.
The thick black line (an unexplained bit of railway - centre right) is the clue; viewed below via Google maps.
Interestingly, the TfL journey planner allows to you enter the fake property in the search boxes ...
... but takes you to Leinster Terrace nearby!

8. Stagecoach Chesterfield
A local heritage beer in Dronfield (between Chesterfield and Sheffield) was named after the 43 buse route as part of the annual Drone Valley beer festival.

Of course, it does help if you ensure than route branded buses are always used on route branded routes!

9. Broadly Bulgaria
Built by ABB and Brush Traction in the early/mid ’90s, British Rail Class 92 was originally designed to operate trains between Britain and France through the Channel tunnel. With a total of 46 units, the fleet is capable of achieving а maximum power of 5 MW on overhead 25 kV AC or 4 MW on third rail 750 V DC.

It has been some time since the first Class 92 electric locomotive set foot (or rather wheels) on Bulgarian railway lines. Although initially there were some serious doubts whether those complex electrics would be able to prove successful operation in the harsh Balkan environment, the four Englishmen have been successfully pulling some of the heaviest trains in the country for almost six years now.
The loco still carries the livery of its previous owner EWS plus the three grey rings signifying its intended use on Channel Tunnel passenger (the doomed Nightstar) and freight trains.
10. Northampton
UNO has recently announced significant cut-backs on its services to the newly opened campus to the south of the town centre.

On Mondays to Fridays service 19 (MID PINK) ...
... is reduced from every 12 minutes ...
... to every 15 with half the journeys diverted as 19A to replace withdrawn service 20 (PALE PINK).
The Park and Ride service 18 (PURPLE-ish) ...
... is reduced off peak to every 20 minutes (from every 10) and will no longer operate at all on Saturdays and Sundays. Saturdays had a 15 minute headway, Sundays every 30.

A big chop and a huge blow for the Uni's plans to get everyone to use public transport. None of the revised services is shown on the University's extensive web site - e.g. the current 18.
Possibly also we can expect further fury from Far Cotton folk as their small-ish side roads are clogged up with Uni users parked cars!
The final batch of answers (plus) will appear tomorrow.

Want to Buy a Bus (or Two)?
East Yorkshire, now part of the GoAhead group had advertised two of its much admired "heritage" vehicles for sale. Both have been used for private hires e.g. weddings.
There is a Bedford OB ...
... and an equally juicy Lodekka.
If only ...
 Next answers blog : Saturday 5th January 

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