Saturday, 5 January 2019

Super Astounding New Year Answers (4)

Plus a few extra bits and bobs.

11. Glasgow Queen Street
A major redevelopment is under way. The magnificent trains shed was a distinguishing feature of the station from the early days. Built across part of Queen Street the entrance was, for most of its life, very obvious from George Square.
The entrance remained much the same into BR days ...
... but an uninspiring extension to the neighbouring hotel blocked the traditional view from the late 1960s
Initial architects' impressions would have allowed at least part of the train shed to re-appear from its obscurity ...
... but later designs went one story higher and the beautiful arched roof will, once again be lost from the "traditional" Queen Street vantage point.

12. Emersons Park M3 terminus
The puerile scrawling (some folk call it "art") even before the first M3 bus drew up at the stop. The iPoint monoliths are the weakest part of the Metrobus network, offering themselves to vandalism.
And Talking of Monoliths ...
Northampton has got one. It sits at the roadside on the walk route just past the Station on the way to to the town centre.  Here it is being installed:-
... and here it is in place and functioning.
Can our astute reader guess what it does? Answer at the end of this blog!

13. Shuttle to South Acton
This little bit of District Line ...
... ran from Acton Town (top left) round a curve to terminate at its very own bay platform at South Acton (centre right). 
The service was withdrawn in 1959 and almost all evidence of its existence has now vanished. But there was more to South Acton than the Underground diagram reveals - so expect a full blog or two in due course!

14. Paris
fbb penned three blogs on this lesser known bit of Paris transport history. These can be found

and here

15. Ashford, Kent
Went minibus in the great Harry Blundred inspired revolution ...
... then back to normality as illustrated above. Stagecoach tried a brave (?) return ...
... with "Little and Often" which has now reverted to "Bigger and Less Often".
Northampton Monolith Madness?
It counts cyclists!
It was photographed by Northampton correspondent, Alan, before the full-on festivities of 2018. In his most recent e-mail, he remarks that it is still counting.

And its nearly three months to April 1st!
 Next Bristol blog (plus) : Sunday 6th January 

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