Friday, 11 September 2015

Catching Up - Selected News ...

... that has been overlooked by fbb, so far.

The local paper reports another First Bus sale to Stagecoach.
Stagecoach has bought the former First depot in Carbrain as part of an expanding operation into Cumbernauld. The firm has told us that it will move into the disused headquarters as First admits that the days of its X5 and X3 services in the town are numbered.

A Stagecoach spokesperson said: “We can confirm that we have taken ownership of Cumbernauld bus depot which has been empty for a number of months. “We will be carrying out some refurbishment work to the site and then plan to integrate it into our West of Scotland operation.’’

fbb will watch this one closely. (click on the map for an enlargement)

First Glasgow runs X3 every 30 minutes and X5 every 30 minutes to Cumbernauld "schemes"; and First South East and Central Scotland (a name to trip easily off the tongue) runs interurban routes to Stirling and Falkirk, each every hour.

Stagecoach runs interurban X24 to St Andrews (well off the map, top right), X27 to Leven, each hourly and X25 every 15 minutes, X28 every 30 minutes to Cumbernauld "schemes".

Last Sunday, and open day at First Leicester. Our Northampton correspondent travelled northwards to enjoy at look at the company's latest signing ...
... plus a few older friends from nearby. This vehicle is obviously about to set off for the inner Leicester destination of ...
... Frog Island (chortle chortle!)

A bit late in the reporting of ...

The long running track re-laying on the Sheffield tram system has finally ended. Taking a pseudo-Biblical theme of "The End is Nigh" ...
... (at least until 2018 where more fun is promised!) the above character has encouraged all back on to the system. And the superman look-alike also appeared for real.
If only Brian Souterman really looked as young as the above.  Notable festivities include a open day and special fares offers.
As can be seen, the knees-up also celebrates 21 years of the system.

Surely it can't be that long. Yes it can, fbb, you are very old!

As part of the above Hertitage Event, tomorrow ans Sunday will see historic buses offering tours of town and around.
Buses will also run to Little Houghton for the Church ...
... Spratton for a village walk ...
... and Becket's Park for a boat trip. The buses are FREE, but space is limited on some of the more specialist visits. Details and a downloadbale brochure are available (here).

Last Sunday saw the arrival of Stagecoach, replacing part of First's network. fbb has a visit planned for Saturday 19th September which, crisis of crises, may involve missing the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who! Thank goodness for i-player!

In the interim, fbb's Plymouthian Transport fellow blogger has published a heap of piccies of the Stagecoach fleet at work, vehicles assembled at short notice from "spares" from around the country. Enjoy them (here)

fbb will be looking at publicity and specifically the competition with City Bus on the Saltash run.

Shocking news from day 4 of the Borders Railway last Wednesday. Apparently the day's timetable was seriously disrupted by two old aged pensioners on one of the steam specials.
The problem was that the train had to wait for them to board at Edinburgh Waverley and they kept getting off to chat to people ...
... thus disrupting the half-hourly diesel service.
A spokesman told our correspondent that he had no idea who would be paying compensation for the "delay minutes". When the old gentleman was asked, he is reported to have replied in the negative ...

... and with a soupçon of asperity!

But the old lady seemed to enjoy herself.
Congratulations on your illustrious reign Ma'am.
First's Useless X53 - a PS
fbb has just heard that Seaton TIC is giving out fbb's X53 timetable (as illustrated in yesterdays blog) because First Bus have yet to provide any information about this major change.
fbb created one for Pat who comes to his church's Wednesday morning coffee thingey; and Pat does a bit of volunteer work at the TiC. Pleased to help, First. So no rush to get the publicity out to Seaton, 'cos nobody will be using it (or the bus!) anyway.
 Next bus blog : Saturday 12th September 


  1. The new 899 timetable from Seaton to Lyme Regis also appears to be fairly useless, and at weekends worse than useless. Is it time for a slight rethink of the Seaton bus network, perhaps wih an added dash of entrepeneurial spirit that the current incumbents seem to be unable or unwilling to provide?

  2. More about the 899 etc. on Monday