Monday 8 July 2013

Wimbledon Extra

Sheffield Tram track renewal blog
postponed until tomorrow
Mrs fbb, being Scottish, needed therapy after Andy Murray's win yesterday.
 Well done Andy 
Nice watch! Strange how he's always wearing it for photos after his matches. As usual, sponsorship rules OK!

On a more mundane note, GoAhead ran the special Wimbledon buses.
The All England Club lies roughly half way between Wimbledon station in the south ...
... and Southfields Station ...
... on the Underground District line to the north.
There are special fares as well.
And these are not "real" buses, in the sense that standard London fares are not available.
Oysters, Travelcards and free rides for old codgers are not available either.
But, all is not lost for the "ordinary" passenger; at least in theory.

London Buses 493 (also run by GoAhead) links Wimbleon with Southfields, passing the All England Club every 12 minutes.
To this can be added another GoAhead route, the 39.
This runs every 8 minutes southbound from Southfields and turns northwards just short of the celebrated tennis venue.
Whether GoAhead staff were actively discouraging the use of local buses, fbb does not know.
Maybe the local services are suspended completely?

New to the set-up this year were buses through from central London, again a GoAhead operation.
Through fares were also offered on the prestigious (and frequent) X90 from Oxford ...
All in all,  spectacular and successful Championship. And the tennis was good as well.

Mrs fbb (Scottish and proud of it) needed spraying with a garden hose after Andy scored the winning point. A mixture of tears and joy from Mrs; ditto, of course from young Mr Murray.

Perhaps he doesn't go to the Championships by bus?

Ivan Lendl (Murray's coach) celebrating Andy's victory
with a song, a joke and a smile.

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  1. A service from Central London is certianly not anew feature- it was running in 2005 at least, though it wasn't numbered then.

  2. Thanks Dennis : the implication from GoAhead is that it was new! Unless I misread the publicity.

  3. I think it may have only run from Victoria before but I may be wrong