Thursday 18 July 2013

London, Saturday July 6th : "Cool" or "Hot"? [4]

London's service 24 says it goes to Hampstead Heath. It is so labelled now ...
... and it has been for over 100 years.
Those who enjoyed yesterday's blog (read again) will know that the words "Hampstead Heath", although long-standing and traditional, represent a little touch of the "economical with the truth". Hampstead Heath Station might be better. South End Green would be even better and less misleading. But it is what it is; and we probably have to live with a historical destination name - which could be a little more accurate.

So. as part of his planning process, fbb decides to use the Transport for London web site to check on all buses from "Hampstead Heath".
And there aren't any ...
... there are only trains. But there is another Hampstead Heath in the index ...
... but Hampstead Heath NW3 doesn't seem to have a service 24, which we know goes to "Hampstead Heath." So ...

Where have all the buses gone, long time passing?
Number 24's not there, where did it go? 
Where have other buses gone?
Computer's lost them everyone.
Oh, when will they ever learn?
Oh, when will they ever learn?

Of course, we're being childish, aren't we? We all know that the buses don't actually go to Hampstead Heath or even Hampstead Heath Station; they go to South End Green. So, armed with knowledge hidden from the amateur, we can go back to our confuser and ask it, not for "Hampstead Heath" which is shown on the bus blinds, but for South End Green, which isn't!
And there we have it. Three bus routes, not to Hampstead Heath but to South End Green.
Success at last. There's our route 24, and look, fbb has photographed a 46 ...
... and a C11.
So, at last we have collated all the buses that might offer fbb some variety once his review of the Borismaster on the 24 is concluded. But, whilst enjoying the ambiance of this leafy suburb, the chubby one wonders ...
... what that shiny red double decker might be, just leaving the shady environs of the Green? It's not a 46 or a C11; they are both single deck services. And it's not a 24; that's the route of the new bus for London. 

Oh look; it's a 168 to Old Kent Road!
But what does it show in the other direction?
Hampstead Heath - and it has done for years! So why doesn't the 168 appear in the confuser's index under South End Green. The 24 is there, for certain; the 46 says so in its stop list ...
... a does the C11.
But the 168 doesn't!
It's terminus is defined as Royal Free Hospital not South End Green.

Now have you all grasped that? Revision time:-

You catch the 24 at South End Green; here's the stop:-
Just to the right, on Constantine Road (or South End Green?) ...

... you can catch your eastbound 46 or C11.

And here, diagonally opposite, on Pond Street (or South End Green?) ...
... you can catch the westbound 46 or C11**. And here, at the Royal Free Hospital terminus ...
... you can catch the 168. There's something strangely familar about those two pictures.

Anyway, all that is purely academic at the moment; utterly confusing, crazy and incompetent but irrelevant as fbb is going for a ride on the 24.

Which we can all start to enjoy tomorrow; probably.

** In fact the stop list for the westbound 46 and C11 does not include South End Green, although it is diagonally opposite the eastbound stop on Constantine Road which is called South End Green. The only bus that stops on the road called South End Green is the 24. Now it all makes sense!

Doesn't it?

 Next Bus Blog : Friday 19th July 

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