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Just A Succession Of Depression (2)

More On Manchester Magnificence?

David Jenkins writes a full assessment of Mayor Burnham's aspirations for franchising in Manchester in the August issue of Buses. fbb has already offered his two pennorth, so will not repeat the detail here. Mr Jenkins largely resists the temptation to offer a personal opinion, but the underlying tone of the article is far from positive. Many of the proposals, dubbed "London Transport style", are revealed as being far less satisfactory (if you like that sort of thing) than the scheme in operation in the Capital.

Jenkins' closing paragraph says it all.
fbb thinks that HMG's response is very certain indeed. The Government will not fund Burnham's scheme. So, if it happens, it will be a half-hearted mess.

IT'S A MESS - and the passengers suffer!

James Day's editorial is more blunt ...
... with the phrase "not convincing" being a mild summary of the editor's views!

As an indication of the pro-passenger philosophy in Manchester, how about this, also in the August edition of Buses.
It is good to know that QR codes will be an essential requisite for obtaining ANY information. A substantial sector of bus users may have just about coped with the idea of a phone in their pocket but the majority of we oldies will always struggle. As for QR codes?


What a splendid way to discourage bus travel. Don't tell your customers when the bus will leave or where it will go, then weep tears of sorrow at the decline of "footfall" in traditional shopping areas. 

There might just be a connection.

IT'S A MESS - and the passengers suffer!

And There's More.

In his tri-monthly piece, Roger French applauds local branding, describing Stagecoach's current one livery (or two or three) fits all as "ridiculous" as is Arriva's dumping of Sapphire and Max. He also voices a vehement complaint against the lack of printed publicity.

IT'S A MESS - and the passengers suffer!

And Then, Bob Hind
He knows a thing or two about buses, having been around during the privatisation era and since! He probably understands what bus passengers want and, also in the August Buses, has a go at the poor quality of bus information both in print AND on line.
He does have some enthusiasm for Devon with its excellent timetable books and D & G with a clear tidy web site; but roundly condemns the pages and pages of clutter that obfuscate the delivery of essential timetables in most on-line offerings. He joins the almost universal condemnation of Arriva's absolutely awful and, more to the point, unusable web site, but summarises his views concisely.
He opines that the Transport for Cornwall booklets would be good if only they gave information about transport for Cornwall. They don't, so they aren't. As a reminder he gives service A1 ...
... which (in)conveniently ignores the hourly St Ives Coaster from the evil F*rst B*S, a company which we know does not provide Transport for Cornwall with any transport for Cornwall.

IT'S A MESS - and the passengers suffer!

And In London?
For "review" read "service reductions". These are the benefits of franchising and how it all interacts with a Tory Government.

IT'S A MESS - and the passengers suffer!

The Environment Is King
Is this a good idea?
Here is a chunk of Street Map.
Great Portland Street is coloured yellow and John Princes Street is just above the D of "FORD". So it is not a huge closure in terms of size. It is this bit to the east ...
... and a little titchy bit to the west.
It will certainly improve the environment at Oxford Circus, although plenty of traffic will still use Regent Street running north and south.

But what will it do for the back streets, many of them ill-suited to nasty big buses? And what will it do for the people who live and work in those back streets?

Is it really a good idea to move buses away from where people want to go?

The Jury is out! We await full details of what goes where and where we go to catch it!
The number of buses on Oxford Street has been dramatically reduced over recent years, generally to some public acclaim (unless you are a bus passenger!), but this cunning plan may just be a step too far.

But if you cannot get to see the Christmas lights of Oxford Street, you might like to visit Peterville!

Castle Lights On Test
fbb had to paint to copper wires in a dark green hue or they would have been far too intrusive on the model. Can you spot them now?
And here, an early evening view of the illuminated illuminations.
Something a little different for residents and visitors alike as they enjoy their time at the Peterville Quarry Railway.

Postponed 'Til Tomorrow
Contravision Obfuscation ...
... and Clinical Confusion.

Reader Offer from fbb
Showing no fear for his own safety and enlisting the help of a marine biology expert, fbb has been able to catch a QRCode, live and kicking at Seaton Hole.
Sadly, they don't live long away from their normal habitat but an occasional wipe with a damp sponge and a weekly dusting of fish meal and you can enjoy their company for a few fleeting weeks.

Just to examine their inherent beauty you could "scan" this one and see what exciting messages it has for the human race.
Enjoy the transient privilege!

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