Sunday 3 August 2014

Premier Inn-competence

If we are to believe the adverts, Lenny Henry always stay at a Premier Inn ...
... even if the beds are located in unconventional places!

He is in good company. Our Northampton correspondent, Alan, always chooses Premier Inn; and is currently off for a short holiday at the establishment in Caernarfon.
It is built at Balaclava Road on "yuppified" land that used to be a busy industrial dock ...
... whence once plied a passenger ferry across to Anglesey.
The hotel is just across the road from the site of Caernarfon Station ...
... now replaced by a Morrisons supermarket. Spot the spire of Holy Trinity Church!
From here the line ran through the town via a short tunnel and on to points south.
It would be hard to recognise what has happened in this area as the rebuilding has been so thorough; but the town rail track has become a road providing a route which avoids the congested town centre.
The tunnel is quite spooky and unexpected ...
... but once through the now illuminated black hole, the old railway ...
... has become a new railway. Part of the former freight sidings have become the northern terminus of the Welsh Highland Railway which runs all the way to Porthmadog, there terminating with its sister Festiniog Line. It is famous for using ex South Africa Railways narrow gauge locos of huuuuge proportions.
But keep the name in mind, for a moment; WELSH Highland Railway.

Back to Caernarfon's Premier Inn. Such establishments always embellish their publicity with little snippets about places you can enjoy nearby. Fancy a paddle before breakfast? 

Put on your walking boots for some serious climbing, or take off your shoes for a paddle at Dinas Dinlle.

That's about 8 miles away. ...
 ... indicated by the little blue arrow, bottom left.

"Hotfoot it over to Anglesey."

It would have to be "hot car it" or "hot bus it" because the ferry hasn't run since 1952. But even better is this snippet; the italics are fbb's.

"Stand on platforms waiting for the West Highland Railway."

You would have a long wait! Like it's in Scotland!
A really attractive suggestion from Premier Inn in Caernarfon in Wales.

fbb wishes Alan a spiffing time; apart from the Welsh Highland, which is magnificent, there is plenty to interest the student of today's transport. Sadly the buses no longer stand in Castle Square and many of the fondly remembered independents have gone to that rumoured bus depot in the sky; the last casualty being Padarn. But we can all remember!
click to enlarge

Gael gwyliau gwych.
Padarn Etc.
fbb has blogged previously about "stuff" in the greater Caernarfon area. In February 2011:-
"Bamboozled by Bethesda" (read again)
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 Next bus blog : Monday 4th August 

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