Sunday 5 June 2011

Bloggus Interruptus : reconsidered

No sooner had fbb decided to curtail his blogging than "stuff" started to happen.

There's the latest edition of the G B Rail Timetable, that's the huuuuge printed book, over 3,200 pages - a disaaaaaster (a la Craig Revell-Horwood)

There's a fascinating day trip to Berkshire.

There's more craziness in Northamptonshire

There's more daftness from Travel South Yorkshire's website

There's upcoming trips to Salisbury and East Devon

And some stunning nostalgia stuff as well.

So, its back to daily blogging from Monday 6th June.

Monday's, then, is a real piece of silliness from a nationally respected (?) and well-used transport site. The daftness even beat the agile brain of fat bus bloke.  He needed so seek expert advice.

And here's a picture of a very strange version of First Bus livery, red and blue but with First's logo and bodyside "leaf".  Experienced omnibologists may amuse themselves by trying to date and place it.

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