Tuesday 6 September 2022

How It Used To Be (1)

 A Blogger's Nostlgia Fest

In January 1971, fbb moved from a four and a bit year stint at Birkdale Prep School (Broomhill, Sheffield), leaving behind his classroom (bow window bottom right).  The move was to Hinde House Comprehensive School, Shiregreen ...
... classroom N2, centre block top left. This involved commuting by Sheffield Transport bus, from home on Crimicar Lane, Fulwood on service 60 ...
... into the city centre and out again with a choice of routes, 4 or 150.
The map is an extract from a version, drawn by fbb, of the original style of route map produced by Sheffield Transport; but a version backdated to 1960, the last year of tram operation.  The school was where the W of Wincobank is shown above.

Service 60 was extended further up Crimicar Lane and later, when converted to one man operation ...
... a loop was added with a stop right  outside fbb's pad. fbb designed the leaflet cover!

In the early days of his commute, your now elderly blogger worked out a very efficient means of accomplishing the outward journey. It needed a certain amount of nous and an essential tool was the bus timetable book.
Service 60 dropped fbb outside the former Sheffield Newspapers building on the High Street ...
.. whence fbb opted to catch a service 150. Before we find the 150, note a tiny little doorway at the right hand end of the white building and a darkened crack between the two brick coloured buildings beyond.

But service 150 did not leave from the High Street area. Interchange was not necessarily any easier 50 years ago! The 150 left from Bridge Street bus station on the fringes of the city centre. Map coming soon.
The main problem was that the 150 left Bridge Street precisely one minute after the 60 deposited its clientele in High Street - maybe two minutes away.

The solution was Aldine Court!
There ware lots of "courts" in the centre of Sheffield; they might be low grade housing, latterly slums, or collections of small cutlery workshops. This court was accessed by a spooky passage from High Street passing the back entrance to the newspaper offices used before the splendid white building shown above.
The spooky alleyway between windows 1,2 and 3 and to the left of Roberts shop was once the entrance to Aldine Court.

In fbb's day it was still spooky.
But we will complete the journey in tomorrow's blog.

International Model Railway News!
Modellers in "N" gauge will be excited by this breaking news.
As expected for such a prestigious world wide expression of modelling delight, the show will be well located ...
The "Event Centre", beauteous as it be ...
... is easy to get to by road for our international modelling brethren and sisteren.
Radford Semele?

Aha! The village is just outside the built-up area of Leamington Spa ...
... but a good two miles from the Exhibition Centre. Needless to say, the organisers do not bother to tell you how to get there by public transport.

Stagecoach 63 stops near the roundabout ...
... where there is a well appointed stopping place.
Good, innit!

The service runs hourly on Saturday and two hourly on Sunday.
Saturday would be the best day for those aiming to save the planet! Interchange from train is OK if you know what you are doing - but it was ever thus!

Elizabeth Line line Opening Early
fbb was initially excited that the full service from both ends through the tunnel would be starting early.
But, sadly, it doesn't mean that.

All that is happening is that the current service (Paddington to Abbey Wood) will be starting a little earlier in the day.

To Help With The Cost Of Living Crisis
TfL is truly getting desperate for money.

Mpore nostalgia tomorrow 

How It Was & is blog : Weds 7th Sept 

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